Technology Transfer

Material Transfer Agreements

Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs) are agreements between a supplier and a user of research materials.

MTAs govern the use of the transferred material and are necessary to protect the rights of both the provider and recipient and advance academic research.

Many MTAs include provisions that can cause the recipient to lose the rights to their creations or inventions. Additionally, these agreements may include language that can be used to prevent the recipient from publishing or even continuing his/her research. 

Accordingly - it is vital that you never enter into an MTA on your own behalf.

Faculty, students, and staff should complete a Material Transfer Agreement before sending research materials to other institutions or receiving research materials from outside The University of Toledo.

All MTAs must be processed by the Technology Transfer Office. Please note that the process is the same for both incoming and outgoing MTAs.

Material Transfer Agreement Process

A member of our staff is available to assist in completing the checklist.

  • To expedite the process, please send the completed Material Transfer Checklist and appropriate MTA to the Technology Transfer Office. If you are receiving material, please include the provider’s MTA and contact information for the representative responsible for negotiating the MTA.

  • The Material Transfer Checklist is reviewed by a research compliance officer while the MTA is reviewed by a staff member in the Technology Transfer Office.

  • After the Material Transfer Checklist is approved by a research compliance officer and the terms of the MTA are finalized, the MTA will be forwarded in order to obtain the necessary signatures.

  • After all of the requisite signatures are obtained, the Technology Transfer Office will provide the recipient scientist with a copy of the fully executed MTA

For additional information or specific questions about the Material Transfer Process, please contact the Technology Transfer Office. 

Last Updated: 6/27/22