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How to Establish a CITI PROGRAM account & Select Training

The information presented on this page is intended to help you set up an account in CITI Program for your RCR and Financial Conflict of Interest Training. CITI Program accounts are free for all UToledo faculty, staff, and students.

How to Establish a CITI PROGRAM Account and Register for Courses

  1. Proceed to the CITI Program website at
  2. Select the "Register" button and complete steps 1 - 7
    • STEP 1: Institution Affiliation - Select your Institution Affiliation to "University of Toledo". Then agree to the terms of service and select on the affirmation that you are an affiliate of University of Toledo. Select the "Create a CITI Account" button.
      DO NOT select Independent Learner Registration. You will be charged $110 that is non-refundable fee. Neither CITI Program nor UToledo will refund any fees paid to CITI Program.
    • STEP 2: Personal Information - Enter your first and last name and a primary e-mail address. You may also enter a secondary e-mail address. Your primary e-mail address must match the e-mail used in IRB Manager. Select the "Continue to Step 3" button.
    • STEP 3: Create User Name, Password, and Select Security Question - Enter your user name (you can use your UTAD user name here) and password. Select a security question and enter the answer. Select the "Continue to Step 4" button.
    • STEP 4: Country of Residence - Select your country of residence. Then answer "No" to the two survey questions. Select the "Continue to Step 5" button.
    • STEP 5: CEUs - CEUs are available for those in medical fields. Answer "NO" if you do not want to earn CEUs. You can always change your answer later. Answer "YES" if you are eligible and would like to earn CEUs for your CITI Program course work and select the type of credit you would like to earn. Fees are associated with CEU credits. These fees are your responsiblity and will not be refunded by CITI Program nor UToledo. Select the "Continue to Step 6" button.
    • STEP 6: UToledo Required Information - Enter required information for boxes with a red asterisk (*). Be sure to include the leading R character and all 8 digits of your Rocket ID Number (for example, R01234567). Select the "Continue to Step 7" button.
    • STEP 7: Select Curriculum - Select the following options:
         - RCR:  "Yes, I need/want to take the course on RESPONSIBLE CONDUCT OF RESEARCH (RCR)
         - COI:   "Yes, I need/want to take the course on Conflicts of Interest (COI)"
      Answer the remaining questions that will help add the correct courses to your account.

      Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)
      Select the course title that is appropriate for your field of research or study.
           - Biomedical Sciences RCR
           - Social, Behavioral, and Education (SBE) & Humanities RCR
           - Physical Sciences RCR
           - Engineering & Computing RCR

      Conflict of Interest (COI) Basic
      Conflict of Interest expires every 4 years.
      Select the appropriate course - Basic COI

Frequently Asked Questions

I have an account from another institution. do i need a new account?

No - you do not need a new account. Simply log into your account, affiliate with "University of Toledo". Agree to the terms of service and select the affirmation that you are an affiliate of University of Toledo. You will also need to update your UToledo required information. You need to do this in order to have course taken previously transfer between institutions. 

My training is not up to date in the research office. what should I do.

Contact Gary Rafe at to verify that your CITI Program account information is corrrect for importing into RSP administrative systems.  You may be asked to update your CITI Program account information so that it can be imported correctly.

I have training from another institution. How do i get that to populate in my UToledo affiliation?
  • Make sure you affiliate your exisiting CITI Program account with UToledo. Courses cannot move between separate accounts, only separate affiliations.
  • Add the course(s) required by UToledo to your University of Toledo affiliated CITI Program acccount. Your completed modules will automatically upload if they are not expired.
  • Complete any required modules that did not automatically load.
  • Note that training requirements may not be the same between institutions. The UToledo IACUC may have different requirements than your previous institution so there may still be modules you need to complete.

i selected the wrong course. How do I delete a course from my account?
  • Go to "Learner Tools for University of Toledo" from the My Courses > UT: View Courses page.
  • Select "Remove a Course"
  • Select the course(s) you would like to remove. Click the SUBMIT button.
  • BE CAREFUL! If you select a course that was completed and remove it accidentally, you must retake the course. Both scores and courses are removed.

how do i add a course?
  • Go to "Learner Tools for University of Toledo" from the My Courses > UT: View Courses page.
  • Select "Add a Course"
  • Follow the steps to add a course.

do i need to notify you that i have completed the course?

No.  CITI Program course completion records are imported into RSP administrative systems daily.

i can't remember my User Name or password. how do I get help with this?
  • User Name
    Contact Gary Rafe at 419.530.2227 or by e-mail to and request your user name.  Include your Rocket number with look-up requests.
  • Password
    Contact Gary Rafe at 419.530.2227 or by e-mail to and request a password reset. Password resets are sent to the primary e-mail address of your CITI Program account.
  • Not Affiliated with UToledo
    You will need to contact CITI Program directly.

For questions regarding your citi account, training access, or proof of training

UToledo CITI Administration

Gary Rafe, Ph.D.
Compliance Analyst, Export Control
Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
Office: 419.530.2227

CITI Support

Customer Support: 888.529.5929
Monday - Friday | 8:30 AM - 7:30 PM ET
Go to the CITI website at and select 
SUPPORT in the upper right hand corner of the web page. Then select the CONTACT SUPPORT button.

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