Research and Sponsored Programs

Research Affiliate

From time to time, someone who is not an employee or student at UToledo may need to obtain a Rocket ID number in order to work on a research project. This person is identified in our system as a research affiliate. 

Reasons for applying to be a research affiliate:

  • Community member of a research compliance committee
  • External research collaborator
  • Research volunteer
  • Visiting research faculty
  • Parking
  • Research compliance training
  • Obtaining an affiliate UToledo ID
  • Obtaining a UTAD login and password

To apply for approval as a research affiliate for someone working on your research, please complete this application.

Research Affiliate Application

If you have questions regarding being identified as a research affiliate, please contact please contact the following by phone or email:

  • Research Related Request - Marcie Ferguson | Office: 419.530.1415
  • Human Research Protection or Biomedical IRB Related - Mahesh Pillai | Office: 419.383.6796
  • Human Research Protection or Cancer Biomedical IRB Related - Jeanette Eckert | Office: 419.383.6904
  • Human Research Protection or SBE-IRB Related - Nicki Lederer | Office: 419.530.6167
  • IACUC or IBC Related - Elaine Joseph | Office: 419.383.4251
Last Updated: 8/17/20