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Animal Welfare Concerns

The IACUC takes all concerns regarding the care and use of animals at the institution seriously, regardless of who submits the concern.   The use of live vertebrate animals in this way is a privilege and carries with it the responsibility to follow applicable laws, policies, and procedures developed by the federal government and the Institution. 

If you have concerns or questions involving laboratory animals at UToledo, their human handlers, adherence to approved protocols, or any related matter, we encourage you to report such instances to the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee.

  • IACUC Administrator
    Mahesh Pillai, M.D., Ph.D., C.I.P.
    Phone: 419.383.4251

All complaints will be reviewed and investigated as necessary. You may make your complaint anonymously if you choose. Your complaint, whether or not made anonymously, will be dealt with confidentially. It is important for you to know that the regulations issued under the Animal Welfare Act, federal regulations, and Ohio state law provide protection for facility employees, committee members, and laboratory personnel against discrimination or reprisal for reporting animal welfare concerns or non-compliance with approved protocols or federal regulations (i.e., whistleblower protections).


Last Updated: 9/30/22