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InfoEd Login:
Problems logging in for the first time? Contact us at with name, rocket number, and login name, and we'll create the profile in InfoEd.

Help Guides
InfoEd Login & Portal Navigation (PDF)
Submitting Conflict of Interest Disclosures & Requesting a New COI Entity (PDF)
Reviewer Dashboard & Proposal Endorsement Process (PDF)
Selecting a Delegate & Assigning Permissions (PDF)
How to Submit Your URFO Letter of Intent (PDF)

Training Videos
RSP Webinar: How to Submit Your URFO LOI in InfoEd (Youtube video on RSP channel, 42')
RSP Webinar: How to Submit Your Conflict of Interest Disclosures (Youtube video on RSP channel, 43')
RSP Webinar: Endorsement, Reviewer Dashboard and Review Delegation (Youtube video on RSP channel, 55')
RSP Webinar: Orientation to InfoEd Proposal and Budget, V1 (Youtube video on RSP channel, 58')
RSP Webinar: Orientation to InfoEd Proposal and Budget, V2 (Youtube video on RSP channel)
RSP Webinar: Budget 201 (Youtube video on RSP channel)

What is InfoEd?

InfoEd is an electronic research management system that allows you to:

  • develop research proposals for federal and non-federal funding opportunities
  • submit proposals to online sponsor systems without duplicating efforts
  • complete and manage your financial conflicts of interest

InfoEd also provides a more streamlined process for proposal tracking to assist with more efficient completion of proposals. In Phase II, beginning in FY25, UToledo will implement InfoEd’s post-award management system, resulting in faster account setup.

What is the timeline for implementation?

A staggered rollout schedule during FY24 will be used to best support new users.

Implementation timeline

Submission thru InfoEd Required

Conflict of Interest  Disclosures*

URFO Small Grants, Publication Subvention, Major Program LOIs**

Grant Proposals to Non-Profit Sponsors

Grant Proposals & Clinical Trial Agreements to Industry Sponsors

Ohio, Local Government, and Other Government Sponsors

National Science Foundation

National Institute of Health (all NIH Institutes)

U.S. Department of Energy

When UToledo is a subcontractor on applicant's proposal

NASA, Department of Defense, Other Fed Agencies

Starting Date 


All submission on or after 10/02/2023

Proposals due on or after 10/16/2023

Proposals due on or after 10/30/2023

Proposals due on or after 11/13/2023

Proposals due on or after 1/1/2024

Proposals due on or after 2/5/2024

Proposals due on or after 3/1/2024

Proposals due to applicant on or after 4/1/2024



*COI Disclosures: Beginning October 2, all COI disclosures must be made through InfoEd - even when valid COI disclosures exist in the previous system.  Legacy data from the site will not be available!  COI disclosures should be submitted in InfoEd no later than December 1 in order to ensure timely processing prior to 2024 deadlines.

**URFO Proposal Submissions:  Contact the InfoEd Support Team,, for assistance with URFO submissions through InfoEd. Contact Eva English,, for URFO programmatic questions. 

What training and support is available?

Three workshops are offered on submitting new proposals to NIH through InfoEd. Investigators and research support staff will create a new proposal with assistance from ORSP staff.  Space is limited and advance registration is required! Please click here to register.

  • FILLED!  11/30/2023 (Thursday) 10 AM - 12 PM: In-Person Workshop on NIH submissions in InfoEd. Health Science Campus, Dowling (DOW)2315.
  • 12/01/2023 (Friday) 1 PM - 3 PM: In-Person Workshop on NIH submissions in InfoEd. Main Campus, Bowman-Oddy (BO) 1099.
  • FILLED! 12/05/2023 (Tuesday) 3 PM - 5 PM: In-Person Workshop on NIH submissions in InfoEd. Health Science Campus, Health Education Building (HEB) 227.
  • ADDED!  12/11/2023 (Monday) 2 pm - 4 pm, Health Science Campus, Dowling (DOW) 2315

    Upcoming webinars:
  • 12/12/23 (Tuesday) 2 PM - 3:30 PM. RSP Webinar: Budget 201. Teams Meeting Link
  • 12/14/23 (Thursday) 9 AM - 10:30 AM. RSP Webinar: Proposal/Budget Overview. Teams Meeting Link
  • 12/18/23 (Monday) 12:30 - 1:30 PM. RSP Webinar: InfoEd Endorsement and Delegation. Teams Meeting Link

Individual appointments are also available on request. Contact with questions and requests.

How will InfoEd work with my IRB, IACUC, and IBC protocols?

InfoEd receives updated protocol information nightly from OneAegis (a.k.a. IRB Manager). Proposal-protocol associations can be made by investigators and staff in InfoEd on the proposal record. That association displays changes to the protocol, including personnel changes and status updates, within the InfoEd proposal record. Assistance will be available!

What changes for me, the researcher?

Researchers currently complete a proposal intake form, an endorsement form, an excel budget form for internal use, and documents to meet the sponsor proposal requirements -- and typically this information must be replicated in online sponsor forms. 

In InfoEd a researcher will accomplish all of these functions one time directly in the InfoEd record, with the endorsment process accomplished through InfoEd routing.  For federal submissions, most will be sent directly from the InfoEd record to with system-to-system (S2S) submission.

How was InfoEd chosen by UToledo?

UToledo undertook a selection and procurement project to address critical needs in research administration software. These included:

  • development, endorsement, and submission of external grant proposals
  • award tracking and post-award management of sponsored projects
  • disclosures of financial conflicts of interest (COI)

Key stakeholders from IT, RSP, compliance areas, and the researcher community evaluated responses to a nationwide Request for Proposals. They attended live demonstrations of competing products, compiled evaluations, and chose InfoEd for its flexibility across multiple modules. InfoEd is also compatible with OneAegis (formerly known as IRB Manager), currently used to manage protocol submission and review. 

Questions?  Email the InfoEd Support Team at

Last Updated: 11/29/23