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The Lancelot Thompson Student Union Administrative Office houses the conference services, operations, maintenance, accounting and overall administrative functions of the Student Union.

Administrative Offices

Open Monday - Friday from 8:15am to 5:00pm

University of Toledo
Lancelot Thompson Student Union
Room 2525
Mail Stop 114
Toledo, OH 43606                                            

419-530-2931 (phone)                                     
419-530-2800 (fax)                                        

Building Managers are on duty Monday - Friday from 5:00pm until the close of the building and during building hours on Saturday and Sunday. They can be reached at: 419-530-2931.

Office Staff

Mark A. Brooks
Director of Student Union & Building Services
419.530.8404 (phone)

 Brenda Young            
 Administrative Assistant I
 419.530.4701 (phone)

Rubye Wise
Reservations Assistant
419.530.8520 (phone)

Cierra Macon
Graduate Assistant
419.530.2931 (phone)

Deshaun Cole
Graduate Assistant
419.530.2350 (phone)





Custodial and Maintenance Staff

Custodial Supervisor
419.530.2122 (phone)

Rey Guerra
Custodial Supervisor

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