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Standard Meeting Room Use

  1. Meeting rooms in the Student Union may be used by any group on a first come, first served basis as often as needed and upon confirmation.
  2. Any group of students requesting status as a registered student group shall have the use of the meeting rooms for organizational purposes only at no charge.  These reservations are limited to eight during a single academic year and are subject to availability.
  3. Any group reserving meeting room space that fails to notify the Student Union Reservations Staff of a cancellation at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled event will be charged the full amount for any expenses incurred by the Student Union to prepare for the scheduled reservation.
  4. Meeting rooms will be made available to individual students or small groups of students at no charge on an “as needed” basis, subject to availability, upon consultation with the Reservations Staff in the Student Union.

Special Event Room Use:

  1. Any group on a first-come, first-served basis may use meeting rooms in the Student Union and the Student Center scheduled by the Student Unions Reservation Staff for special events.  A Special Event Reservation Requestform, available on line or by stopping in the Student Union, Room 2525, is required in advance for all groups or individuals.  Personal use by students, faculty, staff, university departments, internal groups or external groups requires a fee for use.  Registered student organizations will be permitted to use meeting rooms for special events subject to the qualifications outlined below.
    1. Afunded student organization may sponsor events that are open to the general public (i.e. non-university public) and/or at which an admission price is charged.
    2. Campus Police has the responsibility to assign officers to provide security at special events in meeting rooms in the Student Union.  Associated charges related to the event will be the responsibility of the organization making the reservation.  Proof of available funds will be required in order to continue with the reservation. 
    3. Any group reserving meeting room space for a special event that fails to notify the Student Union reservations staff of a cancellation at least 72 hours in advance of the scheduled event will be charged the full amount for any expenses incurred by the Student Union or Student Center to prepare for the scheduled reservation.
  2. Aroom reservation for a major function may be made and confirmed up to three calendars years in advance.

Weekend Reservations:

  1. Any room reservation made for an event or activity scheduled in the Student Union for Friday (after 5pm), Saturday or Sunday and that requires a room set up or special service must be made and confirmed at least 7 calendar days (Friday of the preceding week) prior to the activity.

Registered Student Organizations Will Be Subject to the Following Regulations:

  1. The Reservations Staff will make every effort to anticipate returning annual internal and student organization events, but it is still the responsibility of the student or internal organization to schedule and confirm these reservations in a timely manner.
  2. The organization, its officers, and its representatives reserving facilities are responsible for any damages and violation of regulations and/or laws resulting from and related to the event for which the reservation was made.
  3. It is understood that the use of candles (i.e. for induction ceremonies, etc.) are strictly prohibited.  Failure to abide by this will result in a fine being assessed to the sponsoring organization and possible denial of future room use for that semester.
  4. It is also understood that the use of red dyed beverages is strictly prohibited.  Failure to abide by this will result in a fine being assessed to the sponsoring organization and possible denial of future room use for that semester.
  5. Conditions relevant to finances, security, health and purpose must be met in advance by mutual agreement between the reserving organization and the Senior Director of Student Unions (or designee).
  6. Organizations with outstanding financial obligations to the University including the Student Union will be denied further use of the facilities until such obligations are met.
  7. Room reservations are not transferable.  Neither may an organization turn over a reserved facility for use to another organization or individual.
  8. Organization members may not reserve facilities under the organization name for individual or personal use.
  9. Every effort should be made so that no event will be scheduled in the Student Union that is timed so as to conflict with events sponsored by other organizations.

Extended Hours

Extended hours for reserved rooms may be granted upon consultation with the Senior Director of Student Unions.  Registered student organizations requesting extended hours for reserved rooms, will be subject to the following regulations. 

  1. Opening and closing hours of the buildings are posted and will be enforced.
  2. When an extension of hours is granted, the designated closing time is the time at which the Student Union will be closed and the doors of the building will be locked.  Therefore, events must terminate early enough so that all persons will be out of the building by the designated closing time.
  3. Organizations granted an extension of hours will be charged a per hour fee for each building manager or staff member required to be present due to the extension of hours.
  4. The Senior Director of Student Unions has the authority to decline permission for extended hours to specific rooms of the Student Union based on management responsibilities, custodial, setup and building manager staffing, subsequent reservations, etc.
  5. An extension of hours will not be granted for activities or meetings in student organization offices without the supervision of a student organization advisor or university staff member.

 Fees and Rental Charges

Room rental fees for the Student Union for internal groups or individuals and for personal use by individual students will be charged in accordance with the current internal room use rental rates chart published by the Student Union.

If a student, registered student organization or internal group wishes to sponsor an external group for the purpose of reducing costs, rent will be charged to the student, internal group or student organization at the external rate. 

If a registered student organization wishes to co-sponsor an event with an external organization such as a scholarship dinner and/or dance, the room rent shall be charged at the internal rate.  The exception shall be the registered philanthropy of each registered student organization.  

Ifan internal group or registered student organization sponsors an event for the entertainment of high school students, that group will be charged for the use of the facility at the internal rate.

Equipment Charges

There will be a charge for special equipment requests in accordance with the current list of special equipment and services that may be scheduled to support reservations or events managed by the Student Union.  Students and student organizations will not be charged for most standard equipment use. 

The Student Unions are equipped to provide moderate sound and lighting to support special functions.  All technical support is to be paid for by the sponsor of the event. 

Lighting and sound equipment is only available when an appropriate student tech staff person is hired to support the scheduled event. 

Internal groups, students and student organizations will be charged only for the hourly wages of the student technicians working the event and the time necessary to prepare and remove the equipment from the event. 

Use of Food and/or Catering in Meeting Rooms

The University of Toledo has an open catering policy up to $500.  It is permissible to use outside sources for meal functions for meetings as long as the cost of the meal does not exceed $500.  All policies set by the University must be adhered to when determining a caterer or food supplier.  In addition, the Student Union have imposed the following regulations. 

  1. All organizations that intend on serving food items must notify the Reservations Staff of this intent and supply the Reservations Staff with the name of the caterer or source of the food items.
  2. All food items must come from a licensed operation.  Due to health regulations, no home cooked food is permitted.
  3. The organization that has reserved the room in which food will be served is responsible for all coordination of the food, all clean up of the room following the meal and all pick up and drop off of items delivered to the Student Union or Student Center relating to the meal. 
  4. If an outside caterer is to be used, it is the responsibility of the organization to contact the Reservations Staff in the Student Union as to the appropriate time food or catering items may be dropped off at the meeting location.
  5. It is the responsibility of the organization that scheduled the room to insure that all food, beverage and catering supplies are removed from the meeting room at the conclusion of the meeting.
  6. All catering supplies are the sole responsibility of the organization.
  7. If the caterer is in need of water supply or set up space, coordination of such must be made with the Reservations Staff in the Student Union (SU 2525).
  8. Caterers are not permitted to use the main kitchen area in the Student Union or the Student Center, nor will they have access to refrigeration or warming equipment.
  9. All meeting rooms must be left in the condition in which they were found.  Excessive clean up on the part of the Student Union or Student Center will result in a clean up fee assessed to the sponsoring organization that utilized the room.

Alcoholic Beverages

All alcoholic beverage service is the responsibility of the campus food service provider.  No outside entity may provide or sell alcohol.  For all other policies on the sale and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages, please refer to the official University “Policy on Alcoholic Beverages”. 

Organizational Office Space

There will be notification in The Independent Collegian indicating the procedure and time deadline for applying for office space in the Student Union.  In addition, notices will be sent to presidents of all student organizations officially registered at that time.  Applications will be made available and must be returned to the Office of Student Involvement & Leadership (SU 2525). 

After all applications have been received and reviewed, the Student Union Advisory Council shall meet and recommend office assignments to the Director of Student Activities, who shall take the recommendations of the Student Union Advisory Council under consideration and then convey his/her decision by letter to all student organizations that applied.  Those organizations not in agreement with the allocation decision may appeal their concern to the Senior Director of Student Unions.

The requests that remain under consideration will be further judged based on prior usage of space in the student organization offices, if applicable, and the following criteria:

1.  Amount of annual activity, both past and projected; were non-members provided a program or service; what were the number of people served and what services were provided.

2.  Need for actual workspace vs. storage space

3.  Need for central location within the Student Union or Student Center for easy access to the student body as a whole vs. central location for a specific interest group.

4.  Cooperation with tenant organizations of the Student Union or Student Center.

5.  Past office space utilization including care of space and equipment, space used for working vs. social gathering location and adherence to University and student space rules.

Organizations will be allocated office space on a trial basis subject to periodic review.  These organizations must meet the above prerequisites.  The review for office space will be based on:

1.  Utilization of office space.

2.  Cooperation with the Student Union Advisory Council and Student Union and/or Student Center procedures and personnel.

3.  Compliance with University and other appropriate regulations.

Nontransferable Space Assignment

Office spaces are allocated to student organizations and not to individuals.  No officer or member of an organization may allocate or transfer space to other individuals or groups without advanced written approval of the Senior Director of Student Unions (or designee).  Use of the office space as an individual’s study area is to be discouraged and should never preclude proper use of the space for organizational activity.  Additionally, student organization office space is intended for University Of Toledo student use only.  Use of the space by individuals other than University Of Toledo students is considered as improper use of the space.

Facilities Responsibilities

The Senior Director of Student Unions, the Student Union staff and The University Of Toledo shall accept no responsibility for the theft or loss of money, furnishings, equipment, supplies, valuables or other effects owned or in the possession of the organization or any individuals participating in an activity sponsored by that organization.  Organizations are encouraged to take every reasonable precaution to protect him or her from loss or danger.  It is strongly advised that office doors be locked when not occupied.  In addition, the Student Union staff will exert every reasonable effort to ensure security.  The care and safety of any furnishings provided by the Student Union is the responsibility of the organization(s) assigned to that office.

Loss and/or Reassignment of Space

Organizations that fail to abide by regulations or deviate from stated purposes or past practices will be denied space.   

The commission of any act in violation of regulations pertaining to the use and assignment of this space or in violation of any University regulation will be cause for the offending organization to lose the assigned space.  The Senior Director of Student Unions (or designee) will review all complaints of violations.  The Senior Director may make an administrative decision to require the offending organization to vacate assigned space. This decision may be appealed to the Student Union Advisory Council.

 Standards of Conduct

  1. All University, state, and local health regulations are to be observed by users of the Student Union and Student Center.  Included among these, particularly, are the prohibition of gambling, drinking of alcoholic beverages, firearms, animals and pets and the malicious destruction of property and/or furniture.  Fire regulations are to be observed at all times.
  2. Consumption of food and beverages at other than catered events is limited to the cafeteria and food court levels; however, beverages will be allowed in all offices.
  3. So that the buildings may present an orderly and attractive appearance at all times, furniture is not to be moved from one room to another, or taken outside.
  4. Solicitation of money and sales requests must be approved in advance through appropriate University procedures.
  5. Students and guests are requested to cooperate with the Student Union staff in the orderly operation of the buildings.
  6. Bicycles, skateboards, roller blades and other related items are not permitted in the Student Union or Student Center.

Solicitation and Advertising

The Board of Trustees on 7/1/96, establishing restrictions on solicitation and advertising, hereby approves the following regulations. 

  1. “Solicitation” shall mean all activities conducted by University related groups which involve the sale of goods or services, raising of funds, donations or prizes, the selling of advertising (other than in registered student publications, newspapers, radio and television), the distribution or posting of literature, the distribution of products and canvassing (other than by telephone from an off-campus location).
  2. “Poster” means any writing, notice, pictorial presentation or similar item intended to convey a message of a temporary nature.
  3. “Banner” shall mean any display larger than a poster on flexible material.  For purposes of display in the Student Union or Student Center, all banners must be no larger than 3’ x 5’.
  4. “Sign” means any display of a written or pictorial nature intended to convey a message of a more permanent nature.
  5. There shall be no solicitation on campus by non-University organizations or individuals, except for the maintenance and continuation of University business.
  6. Registered student organizations may be permitted to solicit funds for their own group or for non-University charitable organizations only in accordance with the rules governing University registered student organizations as follows:
    1. All solicitation activities shall be registered and approved in advance by the Dean of Students (SU 2509).
    2. All charities shall be required to certify their tax-exempt status.
    3. All solicitation activities shall comply with this and all other relevant University policies and local, state and federal laws.
    4. All proceeds of solicitations by organizations receiving University financial support shall be promptly deposited in the appropriate University account.  If the organizations have no University account, arrangements for handling proceeds shall be made with the Dean of Students Office.
    5. Solicitation activity in residence halls shall be restricted to residence hall groups (hall governments, individual floors, designated committees) and may be conducted only in common areas in each residence hall and in areas in the dining halls approved for activities, programs and meetings.  Solicitation door-to-door, in dining rooms during meal hours, or in snack bars is prohibited.
    6. The Dean of Students may prohibit the scheduling of concurrent solicitation activities.  Such limitations shall be based upon the maintenance or order in the activities and prevention of conflicts between organizations that seek to solicit simultaneously for worthy causes.
    7. At all locations, solicitors for a specific activity must be student members of a registered student organization conducting the solicitation.
  1. University departments or other units may be permitted to engage in solicitation or advertising for the University and/or their own department with prior approval of the Office of Institutional Advancement.  Said departments or units may advertise for the University or themselves with the prior approval of the Office of Marketing and Communication.   The Office of Marketing and Communication must approve specific advertisements in advance, as well as the choice of media for placement
  2. Solicitation or use of advertising material by a private business concern or individuals may be permitted when such effort is in support of University programs if authorized in advance by the Director of Marketing and Communication.
  3. Individuals may post individual notices on bulletin boards only to be designated by the Senior Director of Student Unions.   Notices must be in a format approved by the Student Activities Office (SU 3504).  Material posted on surfaces other than designated bulletin boards will be removed.
  4. Notices of items for sale by individuals who are not regularly engaged in the business of such sales may be posted by bringing such notice to Rocket Copy (SU 2525).
  5. Student Organizations must have all posted material stamped by the Office of Student Involvement & Leadership (SU 2525).  All other departments, groups and individuals must have material approved by the Office of Marketing and Communication (UH 2110).
  6. The use or reproduction of the University seal, the name, official logotypes and official symbols for any purpose is prohibited without prior written permission from the Office of Marketing and Communication (UH 2110).
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