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How to address a hold on my account

You may view holds on your account by logging into the myUT Portal > Student Tab > Click on Student Profile – New > Holds

If a hold(s) is on your account, it will display the date the hold was placed on the your account and the day the hold is scheduled to end, the office that placed the hold on the your account, the contact phone number to call to resolve the hold, and any processes that the hold may impact such as registration, obtaining a transcript, and so forth. 

The “To date” (or end date) is typically 12/31/2099 which means the hold will remain on the account until the hold has been cleared by the originating office.

Below is an example screenshot of a student with two holds on their account for a past due account balance. 
In this example, the student would call 419.530.5789 to resolve their hold.

screen shot of hold

Last Updated: 1/30/24