Academic Success and Engagement

Academic Support

Tutoring and academic Support

Tutoring -Learning Enhancement Center

Access professional academic support to enhance your classroom experience. Free tutoring in math, science, engineering, statistics, and business. 

Writing Center

Seek free guidance and support on any writing project.  We will provide you with feedback to help generate ideas, organize thoughts, and clarify your main points.  

Supplemental Instruction 

Join a Supplemental Instruction, or SI, peer-led study group, designed to help you succeed in academically demanding courses. 

Student-Athlete Support Services 

Connect with SASS to promote your academic success, receive guidance with course scheduling, time  management,  tutoring, and academic and career counseling (for student athletes).

Tutoring HSC - Academic Enrichment Center

Cultivate relationships and build community to reach your highest potential by accessing our personalized academic and wellness support services (for future health science professionals on Health Science Campus). 

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Graduate Student Success Center

Explore these tailored resources as you navigate through your masters and/or doctorate degree programs, such as information on your thesis & dissertation and academic forms (for graduate students). 

Visual literacy  

Explore curriculum modules and targeted exercises to master the ability to see and speak visually as you read, write, and create visual images. 



Advising and Planning

Academic Advising 

Connect with your academic advisor to discuss your academic plan of study, degree requirements, and more. Your advisor plays a crucial role in your college experience and can assist you in many ways.  

Academic Calendar

Here you will find a detailed calendar of important dates, deadlines, and more. UToledo will continually review and update this calendar as needed. 

Term on a Page 

This helpful document will help you plan out your semester, it includes  university add/drop/withdraw deadlines, refund dates, payment due dates and more. 

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Office of the Registrar

The official source of information for your academic record and transcripts. The Office of the Registrar can help you search and register for classes and guide you through the process of graduation.




Rocket Career Center

Rocket Career Center

Explore a wide range of career services and resources designed to help you explore careers, develop your resume, prepare for interviews, and more.  


Find employer events, internships, on-campus jobs, and explore full and part-time employment opportunities with this online interactive database.  Research careers, connect with fellow students, alums, and recruiters looking to hire you!  

Focus 2 Assessment 
Utilize this self-paced, online planning tool designed to help you make decisions about future career goals and education plans. Use FOCUS 2 to help choose, change or verify your major and career field. 

Accessibility and DisabilitY Services

Office of Accessibility and Disability Resources 

Receive support and connection to services for various disabilities, including mental health, chronic health, learning disabilities, sensory and mobility impairments, and temporary medical conditions.  



Library Services

University Library Services

Visit the University Library to search for resources, books, academic journals, and more. View events, and explore all other services provided.  




Information Technology 

Free 24-hour computer support for repair, software installation, Virus/Malware/ Spyware removal, Microsoft Office 365 installation, hardware recommendations, discounts, and security tips. 

UToledo Online

World-class educational technologies and support services for UToledo students and faculty. 

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Multifactor Authentication

 Find support and instructions for MFA, an added layer of protection to the sign-in process when accessing accounts or applications. 



student at commencement
Apply for Graduation 

As you near the completion of your program, find all the information you need to complete your online application to graduate by the posted application deadline.  

Graduation Guides 

These graduation guides will help you with your journey through graduation, and life beyond. 



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Last Updated: 5/10/24