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Self-assessment is the first step in the process. This involves identifying and articulating your assets. Your assets include your interests, personality traits, skills, and values. We have tools for you to use to assess your assets and connect them to careers and professions. 

What is a personal asset? 

A personal asset in this framework is defined as personality characteristics and interests. 

Examples are: 

  • Ability to get along with many different personalities
  • Positive attitude
  • Sense of humor
  • Great communicator
  • Excellent public speaker


Ways to KNow Your Personal Assets

Step 1: Take a Career Assessment 

Assessments are effective and reliable tools to help you understand your values, work preferences, and skills.   

Step 2: Research Jobs and Careers  

Undertaking research on career options will help you match your abilities, interests, and salary needs with the right career field.  

Step 3: Meet with a Professional for Advice 

People around you are the best resources for personalized advice.

Step 4: Step into Action

Now it's your turn- step into action and get ready to explore your career!

Take a Career Assessment

The first step in deciding on a major and career is learning about who you are and what is important to you! Assessments are effective and reliable tools to help you understand your values, work preferences, and skills.


Focus 2 - Wilkes Community College

FOCUS 2 Career Assessment

FOCUS 2 is a self-paced career and education planning tool for students. This resource helps you make decisions about future career goals and education plans. FOCUS 2 provides self-assessments to help you identify your top work interests, values, skills, personality type, and leisure time interests. In addition, FOCUS 2 helps you explore occupations and major areas of study compatible with your personal and career goals.

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Take the FOCUS 2 Assessment 



O*NET Interest Profiler

The O*NET Interest Profiler can help you find out what your interests are and how they relate to the world of work. You can find out what you like to do. The O*NET Interest Profiler helps you decide what kinds of careers you might want to explore.

Explore through the O*NET Interest Profiler 

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Ohio Means Jobs Career Profile Quiz

It’s important that you start your job search with your passions and interests in mind. The Career profile quiz asks questions about your likes and dislikes. Find a field that will play to your personal strengths.

Take the Ohio Means Jobs Career Profile Quiz

Ohio Means Jobs Career Cluster Inventory

A Career Cluster is a group of occupations with similar features. Jobs in the same cluster require similar knowledge or skill sets. If someone enjoys a job in a particular cluster, they are more likely to enjoy related occupations in the group. Just by answering a few questions in the Career Cluster Inventory, you can find career options that best relate to your interests.

Explore through the Ohio Means Jobs Career Cluster Inventory

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Research Jobs and Careers 

Identifying a career that will bring you job satisfaction, personal reward, and a dependable income requires careful research. Undertaking research on career options will help you match your abilities, interests, and salary needs with the right career field. 

 What Can I Do With This Major Logo

What Can I Do With This Major? 

What Can I Do With This Major is an online resource designed to help you connect your major to different careers. You have access to view typical career areas, types of employers that hire within each major, as well as strategies to increase marketability. The website offers search features, majors by category, and links to related professional associations, occupational outlook information, and employment opportunities for more than 90 majors and career fields. 

Explore What Can I Do With This Major

Candid Career Logo


CandidCareer is the premier provider of thousands of searchable informational video interviews featuring industry professionals talking about their jobs and offering career tips. You will also have access to UToledo alumni videos showcasing how their time at UToledo impacted their careers. 

Explore Videos on Candid Career

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Meet with a Professional for Guidance

If you are interested in discussing and processing the results of your assessments, feel free to schedule an appointment with any one of the people below:

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Step into Action 

 Now it's your turn- step into action and get ready to explore your career!

Complete Your Handshake Profile 

Handshake is an online interactive database where you can find jobs on and off-campus. You can post your resume and research job and internship openings. Develop/ complete your Handshake profile. The stronger your Handshake profile is, the greater the return on career opportunities, such as leads on job/internship opportunities.

Write a Resume 

Your resume is a personal marketing tool describing your professional experience. A well-written resume is essential when applying for internships, full and part-time jobs, enrichment programs, graduate schools, and scholarships. It's never too early to create your resume and add experiences along the way. You can always contact Career Services for help with writing or revising your resume.

Familiarize Yourself with NACE Career Ready Competencies

The National Association of Colleges and Employers defines career readiness through eight career competencies identified by employers as critical skills or competencies they seek in job candidates. Your college career is a time to learn, grow, and develop competencies that will help you thrive in your community and career. Don’t wait until your last year to start thinking about your career and building competencies to help you reach your goals—start now! Your freshman year is a great time to begin outlining your involvement and developing your brand.   

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Last Updated: 3/8/24