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How do I apply to graduate?
When you are nearing the completion of your program, you must complete an online application to graduate by the posted Application Deadlines.

Apply online through the myUT portal. Use the "Apply to Graduate" link located in the My Records section of the Toolkit menu.

How do I confirm my graduation application was received?
To view your application go to the Student tab in the myUT portal and select the Student Profile link found in the upper right hand corner of the page.  Select the 'Active' link in the Graduation Information section (middle of the page) to access your application.  Here you will find all of the information you included when you submitted your application. 

Diploma Information
Information on Diplomas (awarding, mailing, replacement diplomas, etc.) can be found on the Diploma information page.

Miss the Application Deadline?
It's important to meet the application deadlines to avoid certain consequences or delays. Applying for graduation by the posted deadline ensures...

...your college has ample time to review your record before you graduate receive commencement related mailings
...your name appears in the commencement program

Graduation with Honors
Undergraduate candidates with a cumulative GPA of 3.3 or higher will graduate with scholastic distinction. This GPA includes all undergraduate coursework taken at the University of Toledo, all undergraduate coursework taken at other institutions, and any grades deleted or forgiven.

No student will be awarded a level of honors above that indicated by the University of Toledo GPA. These averages and the citation they merit are as follows:

3.3 - cum laude
3.6 - magna cum laude
3.9 - summa cum laude

A student graduating with an Associate's degree will receive a scholastic distinction of "high scholarship" if his/her overall GPA is 3.3 or higher.

Eligible candidates will be distinguished at commencement based on all academic work completed prior to the term preceding commencement and will be notified by mail. The actual honors awarded at the time a  degree is posted will be based on the final cumulative GPA.

Degrees are posted to the transcript record within thirty days of the commencement ceremony but may take longer in some instances.

Future Term Commencement Dates
Listing of future term graduation dates for 2020 through 2023 (Dates may be subject to change).


Contact Information
For questions or comments, please contact the Graduation Processing department at

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