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Preferred First Name

The University of Toledo recently made system updates that allow you to indicate a preferred first name in several systems (myUT Portal, Self Service, university email display name, Rocket ID display name, Blackboard Learn and the eDirectory). These systems can now synchronize and share your preferred first name.

For example, perhaps you have always gone by a nickname, a name that is easier to pronounce, or for transgender students, you may self-identify by one name but have not opted to make that change legally.

What is a preferred first name and how is it different than legal name?

Your preferred first name is the name you are called in day-to-day life. It is a first name you are known by other than your legal first name.

Your legal first name is your official first name of record.  For example, your official transcripts, tax forms, diploma, payroll records will not change from your legal first name to your preferred first name.

Example: Thomas Smith is known by the first name Tom. Thomas is his legal first name. Tom is his preferred name. The systems noted in the first paragraph will now recognize “Tom Smith” as his name.

Example: Michael Smith identifies as Rachel. Michael is her legal name. Rachel is her preferred name. The systems noted in the first paragraph will now recognize “Rachel Smith” as her name.

How do you change your preferred first name?

If you decide to update your preferred first name, you can change it by following these steps:

    1. Log in to the myUT portal at
    2. Click on the Student tab.
    3. Under MY TOOLKIT, in the My Other Resources section, click Update Preferred First Name.
    4. Your default preferred first name is your legal first name. Enter your preferred first name in the box and click the Update button.
    5. You may reset your preferred first name to your legal first name by clicking the Reset My Preferred First Name button.

Once saved, your preferred first name will sync to various systems but not all systems at UT. 

To change your legal name, follow the steps here.

Last Updated: 10/14/20