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Registration Frequently Asked Questions

When do I register for courses?

Review important dates for registration and add, drop and withdrawal deadlines for each term. Register as soon as you can to ensure that classes will not be canceled due to lack of enrollment.

How do I register for courses?

Online registration is available during scheduled registration periods. Review the Self-Service Registration Instructions for a step-by-step guide.

In-person registration is available in Rocket Solution Central at Room 1200 Rocket Hall or on the Health Science Campus at 1st Floor Mulford Library.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If a student has a registration hold, the online option to withdraw from a class will not be available. Students will need to submit the Course Add/Drop Request form or a Course Withdrawal form in person to Rocket Solution Central or via email to by the appropriate deadline.

What are registration holds?

A registration hold is placed on your record if you have:

  • An outstanding financial obligation to the University
  • Are required to meet with an advisor
  • Have a code of conduct violation
  • Haven’t met a particular enrollment requirement

Where can I find information about registration refund periods?

Information regarding tuition due dates, late fees and refunds can be found on the Treasurer's Office website.

How do I audit a course?


  • You will pay the same amount to audit the course as you would if you were receiving credit.
  • Financial Aid does not pay for audited courses.
  • The notation AU appears on your record when you audit a course. AU is not a grade. No credit is granted. 
  • You are not required to complete assignments or tests. The instructor is not required to grade your work in the course. 

Can I take a course as pass/no credit?

Yes. You may elect to enroll in certain undergraduate courses for Pass/No Credit rather than an A-F grade.

Grades of C or better will be changed to PS. Grades of C-, D+, D, D– and F will be changed to NC. The grades of PS and NC do not affect your grade point average.

To choose the Pass/No Credit option, you must:

  • Complete the petition for Pass/No Credit.
  • Obtain the approval of your college before the withdrawal date for the part of term.
  • Once the petition has been approved by the college, you cannot rescind your petition.


  • Consult your college/department regarding any limitations that may exist for this option.
  • Honors College courses, including Honors contracts, may not be taken as Pass/No Credit.

Can I add a class or register late?

Yes, but the process varies depending on when you add the class or register.

Within the first five calendar days of a new semester ― You may add a course or register late without permission from the instructor as along as a seat is available. 

Between the 6th and 15th calendar days of a new semester ― You may add a course with the instructor's permission. This request can be made via the Course Request and Seminar Request Form.

After the 15th day ― Adding a course will require signatures from the instructor of the course and the Dean or designee from the student's College Office.  This request can be made via the Course Request and Seminar Form.

Please note, deadlines will be shorter for summer term or courses not meeting the full 15-week semester. Refer to the registration and important dates chart  for specific deadlines.

A late registration fee is assessed for initial registrations on or after the first day of the semester.

Late Registration Fee

  • 1st - 3rd day of part of term $50
  • 4th - 15th day of part of term $100
  • 16th day to end of part of term $200
  • After the semester $500
For more information regarding late fee assessment, review the Treasurer's Office website.

How can I increase the number of credit hours I am allowed to register for in a semester?

Undergraduate students are allowed to take 20 semester credit hours in fall and spring without any additional approval. Graduate students are allowed 18 semester hours. To register for additional hours and be on Academic Overload, you must contact your college office. If approved, the college office will notify the Registrar's Office. Your maximum hours will be increased, allowing you to add additional courses.

Can I register if I have not attended UToledo for a couple of years?

If you have not attended classes at the University for more than one year, you must go through our readmission process.

Can I drop a course or withdraw from a course after the term starts?

Yes. You may drop a course at the beginning of the term during the drop period. After the drop period has ended for a term, you may choose to withdraw from a course during the withdrawal period. Refer to the Add, Drop and Withdrawal page for specific deadlines.

Make sure you understand the difference between dropping and withdrawing from a class.

  • A dropped course will be removed from your schedule and will not appear on your official transcript.
  • Withdrawing from a course will result in a grade of “W,” which will appear on your official transcript. A grade of “W” is not calculated into your grade point average (GPA). However, there are other implications of withdrawing from a course.

Failure to drop or withdraw from a course that you have stopped attending may result in a grade of "F."

You can drop or withdraw from classes online through myUT if you do not have any registration holds. If you have a registration hold, you must submit a Course Add/Drop Request form or a Course Withdrawal form. The form can be processed at Rocket Solution Central (RSC), located in Rocket Hall, Room 1200.

All requests to drop or withdraw must be submitted by the deadlines for that term. Contact Rocket Solution Central (RSC) at 419.530.8700 with questions.

What are the implications of withdrawing from a course?

Once a withdrawal is processed, it cannot be rescinded. Based on the date of withdrawal, fees may or may not be adjusted. Since withdrawn courses reduce your enrolled hours, withdrawing from courses may have an adverse effect on financial aid benefits, scholarships, loan deferments, athletic eligibility, health insurance, veterans benefits, degree requirements, or other areas. Contact Rocket Solution Central or your academic advisor if you are uncertain about how withdrawing may affect you.

What is an Open Session course?

Open session courses are flexibly scheduled courses with their own meetings dates and times that do not correspond to other parts of term.

How do I make registration changes for an Open Session course?

Prior to the start a semester ― Add or drop an Open Session (or “O Session”) course in myUT.

After the semester begins ― All registration changes for Open Session courses must be completed using the Course Add/Drop Request form or a Course Withdrawal form.

What is a Course Modality?

Course modality refers to the method in which a course section is taught. Below are some of the terms used to define course modality.

Face To Face – The course will meet in-person on specific days and times.

Synchronous – The course will meet online on specific days and times.

Asynchronous – The course will meet online but not on specific days and times. Instructors will provide deadlines for completion of course materials and assignments.

Blended – The course will meet both in-person and online. Online learning may be synchronous or asynchronous.

How do I change the credit hours of a variable credit course?

Some classes, such as research, independent study and dissertation classes, are offered with a range of credit hours.  When you register for a variable credit hour class online you are initially registered in the minimum number of credits.  You are responsible for updating the number of credit hours you are registered in before the semester begins.  Please contact your academic advisor or instructor with any questions about the appropriate number of credit hours.

  • To change the number of credit hours select the 'Schedule and Options' tab.
  • If a class is offered with variable credit you will be able to click on the number of credits in the 'Hours' column.
  • Change the credits to the appropriate number then select the 'Submit' button to save.

If you have other questions about registration, please contact us at

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