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Final Grading

Submit final grades online using the myUT portal. Select 'Final Grades' from the 'Teaching Toolkit' on the 'Faculty & Advisor' tab.  Detailed instructions are available below.

Students can view their grades online after grades have been rolled to academic history.  The process of rolling grades into academic history occurs nightly, Monday through Saturday, throughout the grading period.  Once rolled to academic history, grades cannot be changed online and require a paper grade change form. Submitting final grades in an accurate and timely manner is very important.

2019 Summer
Part of Term SS1 
Grading Begins:  06/18/2019
Grades Due:  06/25/2019

Part of Term O
Grading Begins: 06/18/2019
Grades Due: 08/06/2019

College of Nursing N1 Part of Term
Grading Begins: 08/12/2019
Grades Due: 08/20/2019

College of Law
Grading Begins:   TBD
Grades Due:  08/09/2019

All Other Parts of Term
Grading Begins:  07/29/2019
Grades Due: 08/06/2019

2019 Fall
Part of Term 8                                 
Grading Begins:  10/09/2019                      
Grades Due:   10/22/2019    

Part of Term O
Grading Begins:  10/09/2019
Grades Due: 12/17/2019

College of Law   
Grading Begins:   TBD                    
Grades Due:  01/10/2020

All Other Parts of Term
Grading Begins:   12/09/2019
Grades Due:   12/17/2019

2019-2020 Winter Intersession
Grading Begins:   01/17/2020
Grades Due:  01/28/2020


Waitlisting is an option for students who encounter classes that are 'closed' but may still want to register if a seat opens again. Students who attempt to register for a class that is full or ‘closed’ may put themselves on a waiting list. When an open seat becomes available, an email will be sent to the next student in the Waitlist queue via the student's rocket email account. The student will have 24 hours from the delivery of the email to add the class. Waitlisting will be available to students until 10 p.m. on the evening prior to the start of the semester.

Waitlisting is a great option for many courses, however, it is not available if your course is linked or has a co-requisite course. 

Please view this powerpoint presentation for valuable waitlisting details.

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