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prepare for registration

In the Prepare for Registration section you can review your registration status for the upcoming semester.  The page will display your current Student Status, Academic Standing, and any holds that would prevent registration.  You can also view your overall Earned Hours and Class Standing.

  • Select the 'Prepare for Registration' link, then choose the appropriate semester.
  • Your student status, academic status and any registration holds are displayed.  Items that are green mean you are all set.  Items in red mean there is an issue that needs to be addressed before you can register.
  • Your total earned hours and class standing are also displayed.  Please note that your total earned hours (institutional and transfer hours), and not your class standing, are used to determine your priority registration status.

Browse Classes

Using the Browse Classes link you can search for classes offered now or in a future term.

  • Select the 'Browse Classes' link, then choose the appropriate semester.
  • Click in the Subject field to see a list of all subjects available or type out the specific subject you are interested in.  You  can select more than one subject at a time.
  • Class sections along with their meeting times and available seats will display.
  • Click on the course title for additional information such as class details, course descriptions, required instructor permits and any co-requisites/prerequisites.
  • Click on the instructor name to see the instructors picture (if enabled) and email address.
  • Select the 'Search Again' button in the upper right hand corner to enter a different subject code.
  • The 'Advanced Search' option allows you to search specific information that meets your needs.   For example, you can search for classes that meet on certain days, at a specific time or are offered online.

Register for classes

Using the 'Register, Drop, Withdraw' link, you can add and drop classes from your schedule, add yourself to a wait list for a class that is full, adjust the number of credit hours you are registered for on a variable credit hour course, email yourself a copy of your schedule and much more.

  • Choose the 'Register, Drop, Withdraw' link on the Registration homepage to begin.

registration homepage

  • Note, there are multiple ways to add a course.  You can start by using the 'Find Classes' option and typing in the subject you are interested in.  You can also use the 'Advanced Search' option and focus your search to specific types of classes, times, days, etc., or if you know the CRN of the class you can enter it directly using the 'Enter CRNs' link.
  • Begin typing in the subject field.  Subjects will auto populate and you can add more than one at a time.  Choose the appropriate subject and click Search.

self service 9

  • All classes being offered for the chosen subject will display. 
  • Click on the course title to see additional information such as class details, course descriptions, and any co-requisites/prerequisites.
  • Hover over certain fields for a pop up display of the information.
  • The status column will display if a class is full, requires a prerequisite or time conflicts with a class already on your schedule.
  • Use the columns setting link (gear icon in the upper right corner) to control what information you want to display.
  • Select the 'Add' button for the course you wish to add.

 self service 8


  •  The class now appears in the Summary section in the bottom right side of the page.  The class is in a pending status until you click the 'Submit' button.  

self service 10


  • If registration is successful your class status will be 'registered' and the class will appear in the Class Schedule on the left of the screen.
  • Use the same drop down menu in the 'Action' column to drop, withdraw or add yourself to the wait list for a class that is full.  Select the following link for additional information on Waitlisting.  
  • Select the Schedule Details tab for detailed schedule information.
  • Select either of the Panel buttons (bottom left corner or middle of the page) to change the page display.

self service 11


Some classes, such as research, independent study and dissertation classes, are offered with a range of credit hours.  When you register for a variable credit hour class online you are initially registered in the minimum number of credits.  You are responsible for updating the number of credit hours you are registered in before the semester begins.  Please contact your academic advisor or instructor with any questions about the appropriate number of credit hours.

  • To change the number of credit hours select the 'Schedule and Options' tab.
  • If a class is offered with variable credit you will be able to click on the number of credits in the 'Hours' column.
  • Change the credits to the appropriate number then select the 'Submit' button to save.

self service 13 

Linked classes are classes for which you must register concurrently for sections of the same course.  This would consist of a combination of a lecture and/or a recitation, and/or a lab section with the same course number.

  •  Classes that are linked will be noted in the 'Status' column.  Select the 'View Linked' button to see all classes linked to the section you have chosen.

self service 15

  • Once you have found the linked section(s) that best fit your schedule, select the 'Add All' button to register for all linked sections at the same time.
  • Note, if you choose to register by adding the CRN of the class you will need to enter the CRN for each linked section and submit your registration at the same time in order to add the classes to your schedule.  Additional information about linked courses can be found on our Linked Courses webpage. 

self service 16



  • If you need to drop or withdraw from a course, you can do so from within the ‘Register, Drop, Withdraw’ menu
  • In the ‘Summary’ section, you can select the appropriate option from the ‘Action’ menu
  • During the drop period, course drop options will be displayed; during the withdrawal period, course withdrawal options will be displayed
  • Press submit to save changes

Dropped Course Instructions

plan ahead and register

The 'Plan Ahead' option allows you to build your semester schedule in advance of your registration date.  Once your registration window opens, you can register some or all of your courses directly from your plan.   A PDF with more detailed instructions is also available below.

Plan Ahead and Register User Guide 

  • Select 'Plan Ahead' followed by the appropriate semester.
  • Choose the 'Create a New Plan' option then select the basic or Advanced Search option to search for courses.
  • Select 'View Sections' to see the course sections offered.  Select 'Add' to add the section to your plan summary.
  • Classes will initially appear in a pending status.  Select 'Save Plan' to finalize adding the sections to your plan.
  • You can create up to five plans per semester.
  • *Please Note* registration error checking (missing prerequisites, time conflicts etc.) does not occur in the planning phase.  You can still add a class to your plan for which you have not met the prerequisite.  Only when you go to register for the class will you receive an error message.


  • Choose the 'Register for Classes' option then select the appropriate semester.
  • Select the 'Plans' tab to view the plans you have created.
  • Select the plan you wish to register from.
  • You can select individual classes by selecting the 'Add' option after each class or you can choose to register for the entire plan by selecting 'Add All'.
  • Classes will appear in the summary panel in a pending state.  Select 'Submit' to register.
  • Registration error checking occurs at this time.  Any error messages will appear in the upper right corner.
  • Select 'Remove' in the Action column for any class that cannot be registered at that time.
  • Search for any additional classes as necessary until your schedule is finalized.



Last Updated: 8/2/21