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 Multifactor Authentication

Identity theft and phishing crimes have been on the rise not only in our national community, but in our University community as well. Therefore, we have implemented an advanced online security system to protect not only the University's data, but your personal information as well.

Multifactor authentication (MFA) adds a layer of protection to the sign-in process. When accessing accounts or applications, users provide additional identity verification, such as scanning a fingerprint or entering a code received by phone.

We've provided a list of current and future applications that will be utilizing Azure MFA.

There are varying degrees of frequency with which you will be asked to MFA into applications.

For the best user experience we recommend downloading the Microsoft Authenticator application to your mobile device.

The Microsoft Authenticator application helps users sign in to their accounts by using a two-step verification process. While passwords can be forgotten, stolen, or compromised, two-step verification provides users an additional layer of security when accessing their account.  

Free methods for MFA verification:

  • Microsoft Authenticator App
  • Phone Call

The Authenticator application can be downloaded through the Play Store or the App Store to any mobile device.  We recommend following these Microsoft Authenticator Instructions to set up the application.  

Additional Options for Purchase (if personal device is unavailable):

The following are recommended Yubikeys for purchase.  Note that any YubiKey 5 Series devices should  be compatible, but the ones listed below are the ones that have been tested and approved.  Also note that you do not necessarily need to purchase these devices from the links below.

YubiKey 5C NFC
Yubico Store:

YubiKey 5 NFC
Yubico Store:

YubiKey 5Ci
Purchase from Yubico:

Yubico Website

YubiKey Instructions

Last Updated: 12/15/22