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How to graduate on time?

Aiming to successfully complete 30 credit hours each academic year can keep you on track to graduate in four years, from nearly all UToledo degree programs, saving you both time and money.

Please note the cost savings explained in video is in reference to 2019-2020.  Cost savings could be greater.

The Degree Audit Report (DAR) provides information about degree requirements for specific majors and minors. In addition, the DAR takes course information from a student's transcript in order to show how courses the student has taken  are used toward meeting degree requirements.

u.achieve is an online degree auditing tool that is available to students and advisors. The system is designed to help evaluate your progress towards completion of requirements for a major/program by taking your courses and inserting them into the requirements for a degree. The system can be used to examine progress in your declared major or in any other major/program we offer (e.g., you may conduct an audit in a major that you are considering switching into).

u.achieve Student Guide


Last Updated: 1/30/24