Program 60

About Program 60

How Program 60 Works

Program 60 participants audit courses. No academic credit is awarded. Since audited courses do not apply toward a certificate or degree, you aren't required to attend the course or complete any of the assignments, tests or examinations.

You are encouraged to introduce yourself to your course instructor the first day of class to decide together how much you will participate in class. Some courses such as foreign language courses or lab courses require a higher level of participation.

Program 60 Admission

You must apply and be admitted to Program 60 to register for courses. Admission must be finalized prior to the first day of the term. There is no application fee.

Once admitted, you can continue to register for courses each semester. No need to reapply. You only need to reapply if you stop taking classes for two consecutive terms.

You will receive an e-mail about a week before Program 60 registration to RSVP for an advising time.

Apply to Program 60

Program 60 Registration

Registration for Program 60 is the Friday before the term begins. Registration can be completed virtually or in Rocket Hall 1550. If you are unable to attend, please contact Program 60 at 419.530.3142. Continuing Program 60 students should also contact this number the week before the term begins to complete the registration process

Costs and Fees

Program 60 fees must be paid at registration. Fees are payable by MasterCard, Discover Card or through electronic checking. The fees are collected through the University's Bursar.

Approximate fees for Program 60

  • General fees ― $50.59 per credit hour
  • Library fees — $6 per credit hour
  • Lab fees with associated courses — Depends on college and class
  • Technology fee assessed by some colleges — $4.50-$17.50 per credit hour
  • Distance learning fees — $25 per online class
  • Facility fees, varies — $5.20 per credit hour
  • Special service fee — $6.50
  • Other college fees — Depends on college and class
  • Student identification card fee (for new students) — $35
  • Legal and Student Green Fund fees (may be waived) — $15
  • Books — if needed, cost varies
  • Parking — if needed, $129 per semester

Course selection

Search and select courses through the schedule of classes. The schedule, organized by disciplines, provides the following information:

  • Course number — SUBJECT course and course number, e.g. ASTR 1010
  • Course title
  • Course section
  • CRN — The five-digit CRN is used to register for a course.
  • Course type — identifies if course is lecture, seminar, lab, etc.
  • Instructional Mode — identifies if the course is delivered on campus, online or blended
  • Course dates — start/stop dates the course will meet
  • Course meeting times — days of the week along with start/stop times the course will meet
  • Course location — building and room for on-campus courses; OC = off-campus designated online
  • Course instructor and email address 

A list of building locations is available. The main campus map can assist with the location of buildings in relationship to campus parking.

100% Online Courses

Online courses are offered through UToledo Online. UToledo Online offers technical support and access to academic support services for online students. The University uses Blackboard ― a virtual classroom ― for its online course offerings. Access to Blackboard is made available 24 hours prior to the start of the term to those who enroll in an online course.

Course Syllabus

To request a course syllabus, email the course instructor or contact Program 60 for assistance.

Course Prerequisites

You must meet prerequisite requirements to enroll in a course. For assistance with a course pre-requisite, contact UToledo Program 60.

Placement Testing

Courses in mathematics, chemistry and foreign languages require placement tests. Contact UToledo Program 60 to identify the placement test needed. Many of the placement tests are available online. Placement tests should be taken at least 72 hours prior to registration.

Course Textbooks and Supplies

The purchase of a course textbook is optional. Information on any course textbooks and/or course supplies is available through UToledo Barnes and Noble.

Technology and Computers

Training on the use of the University’s computer systems including blackboard is available. Please contact Program 60 at 419.530.3142 for more information.

University Libraries

You are encouraged to contact the University Libraries to explore the resources and services available.


Enrollment in a course results in the creation of a transcript detailing your academic record. The course instructor will issue a letter grade of AU, Audit, for enrollment in a course through UToledo Program 60.


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Last Updated: 6/30/22