Facilities and Construction

Building Abbreviations

Main Campus (Toledo OH 43606, unless noted otherwise) Abbrev. Building Address
Academic House AH 1760 W. Rocket Dr.
Bowman-Oddy Laboratories BO 3100 W. Towerview Blvd.
Carlson Library CL 2975 W. Centennial Dr.
Center for Administrative Support CA 2935 E. Rocket Dr. 
Center for Alumni and Donor Engagement AD 4510 Dorr St. 43615
Center for Performing Arts PA 1910 W. Rocket Dr.
Electrical Substation ES 2875 E. Rocket Dr.
Fetterman Training Center FC 1925 Douglas Rd.
Gillham Hall GH 2915 W. Bancroft St.
Glass Bowl Stadium GB 1745 Stadium Dr.
Grounds and Fleet Services GF 2901 E. Rocket Dr.
Hazardous Materials Storage HZ 2921 E. Rocket Dr.
Health and Human Services HH 2025 N. Towerview Blvd.
Health Education Center HE 1820 Stadium Dr.
International House, Frank E. and Nancy Horton IH 1730 West Rocket Dr.
Intramural Storage IS 2865 E. Rocket Dr.
Koester Alumni Pavilion, William and Carol (Storage Bldgs.) AP 3030 S. Glass Bowl Dr.
Larimer Athletic Complex LM 2915 N. Glass Bowl Dr.
Law Center LC 1825 W. Rocket Dr.
Libbey Hall LH 2110 Campus Rd.
MacKinnon Hall MK 2070 Campus Rd.
McComas Village A1 MV 2940 Village Loop
McComas Village A2 MV 2950 Village Loop
McComas Village B1 MV 2960 Village Loop
McComas Village B2 MV 2970 Village Loop
McComas Village C1 MV 3000 Village Loop
McComas Village C2 MV 3010 Village Loop
McComas Village D1 MV 3020 Village Loop
McComas Village D2 MV 3030 Village Loop
McComas Village E1 MV 3050 Village Loop
McComas Village E2 MV 3060 Village Loop
McComas Village F1 MV 3100 Village Loop
McComas Village F2 MV 3110 Village Loop
McComas Village G1 MV 3120 Village Loop
McComas Village G2 MV 3130 Village Loop
McMaster Hall MH 2825 W. Bancroft St.
Memorial Field House FH 3000 W. Centennial Dr.
Nitschke Auditorium NA 1600 N. Westwood Ave.
Nitschke Hall NI 1610 N. Westwood Ave.
Nitschke Technology Commercialization Complex NT 1510 N. Westwood Ave.
North Engineering NE 1700 N. Westwood Ave.
Ottawa House East OE 3030 Residence Dr.
Ottawa House West OW 1600 W. Rocket Dr.
Palmer Hall PL 1620 N. Westwood Ave.
Parks Tower PT 3025 S. Glass Bowl Dr.
Peterson Garage PG 2952 W. Bancroft St.
Peterson House PH 2952 W. Bancroft St.
Plant Operations PO 2925 E. Rocket Dr.
Presidents Hall PR 3045 Residence Dr.
Public Safety Center PS 3333 Dorr St.
Radioactive Waste RW 2879 E. Rocket Dr.
Research & Technology Complex 1 R1 2600 Dorr St.
Ritter Astrophysical Research Center RO 2855 W. Bancroft St.
Rocket Hall RH 1625 W. Rocket Dr.
Savage Arena, John F. SV 2025 Douglas Rd.
Savage & Associates Business Complex  SB 2905 W. Bancroft St.
Scott Hall SH 2130 Campus Rd.
Service Complex Building A G1 2895 E. Rocket Dr.
Service Complex Building E G2 2899 E. Rocket Dr.
Snyder Memorial SM 1905 N. Towerview Blvd.
Stranahan Hall ST 2860 E. Centennial Dr.
Student Recreation Center RC 2800 E. Rocket Dr.
Student Union SU 2965 W. Centennial Dr.
Sullivan Hall SL 1750 W. Rocket Dr.
The Q (Barbecue Venue) TQ 3034 N. Glass Bowl Dr.
Tucker Hall TH 2120 Campus Rd.
University Computer Center UC 2750 E. Rocket Dr.
University Hall UH 2925 W. Bancroft St.
University Health Center HC 1735 W. Rocket Dr.
University Recycling UR 2915 E. Rocket Dr.
Varsity T Pavilion VT 2945 Village Loop
Wolfe Hall WO 3050 W. Towerview Blvd.
Health Science Campus (Toledo OH 43614) Abbrev. Building Address
Academic Conference Center ACC 1315 Conference Drive
Campus Utility Tunnel CUT N/A
Center for Creative Education CCE 2920 Transverse Drive
Collier Building, Howard L.  COB 1150 E. Medical Loop
Communications Building COM 1010 Research Drive
Comprehensive Care Center CCC 3333 Glendale Avenue
Dana Cancer Center, Eleanor N. DCC 1325 Conference Drive
Dowling Hall, Ida Marie DOW 1125 Hospital Drive
Emergency Power Generator  EPG 1123 E. Medical Loop
Facilities Support Building FSB 1135 E. Medical Loop
Facilities Support - Grounds FSG 1145 E. Medical Loop
Gas Meter Bldg. EGM 1020 Research Drive
Health Education Building  HEB 3100 Transverse Drive
Health Science Building, Paul J. Block, Jr.  HSB 3000 Transverse Drive
Hospital Mulford Tunnel HMT N/A
Kobacker Center, Lenore W. and Marvin S. KOB

1400 E. Medical Loop

Laboratory Incubator Center LIC 975 Research Drive
Mulford Library Building, Raymon H. MLB 3025 Library Circle
Pedestrian Tunnel PDT N/A
Records Retention Center RRC 1015 Research Drive
Ruppert Health Center, Richard D. RHC 3125 Transverse Drive
Ruppert Hotel Tunnel RHT N/A
University Medical Center Hospital UMC 3000 Arlington Ave.
Scott Park Campus (Toledo OH 43607) Abbrev. Building Address
Baseball & Softball Practice Facility BP 2135 E. Scott Park Dr.
Findlay Athletic Center FX 2125 E. Scott Park Dr.
Scott Park Athletic Concessions AC 2139 E. Scott Park Dr.
Arboretum Campus (Toledo OH 43623) Abbrev. Building Address
Stranahan Arboretum AB 4083 Tantara Drive
Museum of Art Campus (Toledo OH 43620) Abbrev. Building Address
Center for Sculptural Studies CS 535 Oakwood Ave.
Center for the Visual Arts VA 620 Art Museum Dr.
Lake Erie Campus (Oregon OH 43618) Abbrev. Building Address
Lake Erie Auxiliary Building LA 6200 Bayshore Road
Lake Erie Research Barn LB 6200 Bayshore Road
Lake Erie Research Center LE 6200 Bayshore Road
Lake Erie Support LS 6200 Bayshore Road
Clinic Office Location Abbrev. Building Address
Bellevue Cardiology       BELL      1355 W. Main St. 
Suite D 
Bellvue,   OH  44811
Dana Cancer Center, Holland Sylvania DCCS 4126 N Holland Sylvania Rd., Ste. 105A
Toledo, OH 43623
Dana Cancer Center, Maumee DCCM 1200 Medical Ctr Pkwy, Ste. 2200
Maumee, OH 43537
Fallen Timbers Family Physicians Primary Care Clinic FTFP 2000 Elm St.
Suite 705 
Maumee, OH 43537
Great Lakes Vascular Center GLVC 3439 Granite Cir., Ste 200
Toledo, OH 43617
Maumee Cardiology MAUC 5757 Monclova Rd., Ste. 1
Maumee, OH 43537
ProMedica Falzone Clinic FLZN 2100 Central Ave., Ste 200
Toledo, OH 43606
ProMedica Jobst Tower (Floors 3, E, 9) PMJT 2109 Hughes Dr. 
Conrad Jobst Tower 
Toledo, OH  43606
ProMedica Legacy (Hospital) PMLE  
The Promedica-University of Toledo Neurosciences Center PMNS 2130 W. Central Ave. 
1st Floor
Toledo, Ohio  43606
Regency Office (Primary, MDVIP, Urology, Rehab) REGE 1000 Regency Ct.
Suite 200
Toledo, OH 43623
Waterville Rocket Pediatrics WARP 1089 Pray Blvd.
Waterville, OH 43566


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