Application Checklist

Application deadlines:

Create Account Is the one-stop portal for your law school application. Create your account to get started. Add “University of Toledo” to the School List on your homepage.

Begin Application

Toledo Law charges no application fee, and you do not need to wait for your LSAT or GRE scores to apply. After you create your account, click on the school name, then Start/Continue Application.

Subscribe to CAS

Credential Assembly Service (CAS) simplifies the application process by forwarding required documents (LSAT scores, recommendation letters, and transcripts) to Toledo Law. For the GRE, you must also visit to request a score report release.

Prep for the LSAT or GRE*

Preparation is vital for success on the LSAT or GRE. Attend a no-cost, mock LSAT session at Toledo Law, with testing tips followed by an official PrepTest. Khan Academy also offers no-cost, online prep courses for both tests.

Take the LSAT or GRE*

Toledo Law accepts either your LSAT or GRE score. Visit (LSAT) or (GRE) to register for dates and locations. The Admissions Committee will only consider your highest LSAT score if you take both tests.

Personal Statement

Upload a one-to-three-page personal statement to share information not readily apparent in your other application materials. The Admissions Committee gives considerable emphasis to your statement.


Upload a one-to-three-page resume describing your academic, extracurricular, and professional activities. Include dates and number of hours per week. Highlight honors, awards, or special skills.

Letters of Recommendation

Provide two-to-four-letters from individuals who can evaluate your candidacy both in regard to your academic skills and personal qualities.


Submit official transcripts from all institutions attended, even if a degree was not achieved.

*If both LSAT and GRE scores are reported, the LSAT score will be the primary score considered for review. Please contact admissions if you have questions on how to proceed.

Last Updated: 6/27/22