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For me, enrolling at UToledo was the fastest path to becoming financially independent, since I knew I could support myself with scholarships, internships and on-campus employment.”
Naba Rizvi
Class of 2021, information technology | Karachi, Pakistan
Can I Afford UToledo?

Yes, you can. We know a college education is a huge investment. We’re committed to working with you because we believe a UToledo education is worth it.

Naba is passionate about technology and breaking barriers in computer science. She was one of 20 students in the U.S. to win a Google Women Techmaker Scholarship in 2018. She is an intern this summer at Adobe Research Labs in San Jose, Calif. Naba also launched CodeWeGo with two fellow UToledo students. It’s an education-technology company to increase diversity in computer science by breaking language barriers.

Toledo Tuition Guarantee

We’ll help you budget for all four years — not just the first one. The tuition you pay your first year as an undergrad will be the same tuition you pay in Year 4. Your on-campus housing and meal plan rates won’t change, either. Guaranteed.

How Much Does UToledo Cost?

$5,478.84 (in-state) $10,158.84 (out of state)*

Tuition varies by college, program and a host of other options. But this is the average amount full-time students pay per semester. If you live on campus, you’ll need to add in room and board ― an average $6,840 per semester. (All first- and second-year students who live more than 25 miles from campus are required to live on campus.) Need help breaking down the finances? Our Rocket Solution Central reps can help.

*Monroe County, Mich., residents pay in-state tuition rates.

Can I whittle Down that Tuition Number?

Absolutely. Your hard work in high school can pay off with scholarships.

$110+ million awarded in scholarships and grants in 2020

If you want to come to UToledo, our financial aid experts want to help you find a way. Filling out the FAFSA — the Free Application for Federal Student Aid — is the first step.

What Kind of Aid is Available?

We award scholarships based on all kinds of things —good grades or whether you’re majoring in astronomy or are involved in high school extracurriculars. You don’t have to repay scholarships.

Most first-time freshmen are automatically considered for merit scholarships based on their GPAs when they apply to UToledo. No other application necessary! If you qualify, you get the scholarship.

Grants are usually need-based. No repayment required. They can come from the federal or state government, UToledo or a private organization.

A loan is money you borrow and pay back with interest. Generally, federal government loans are lower interest and have more benefits than loans from banks or other sources. Always — and we can’t stress this enough — do your homework. Know the terms and conditions and who is making the loan.

How much can I earn in merit scholarships?

In-state students (includes residents of Monroe County, Mich.)

Toledo Excellence Scholarship

GPA 4.0 and above


Regents Scholarship

GPA 3.75-3.99


Trustees Scholarship

GPA 3.4-3.74


Out-of-state students

Toledo Excellence and Rocket Nation Scholarships

GPA 4.0 and above


Regents and Rocket Nation Scholarships

GPA 3.75-3.99


Trustees and Rocket Nation Scholarships

GPA 3.4-3.74


Rocket Nation Scholarships

GPA 3.0 and above


The $8,000 Rocket Nation Scholarship assists academically eligible students residing outside of Ohio and Monroe County, Michigan, with UToledo's out-of-state surcharge.

I really don’t want to pay off loans forever.
Can I work and still do well in school?

Evan Reed, an electrical engineering major, is paying his own way through UToledo. How?

  • Scholarships
  • Loans
  • An on-campus job in the admission office
  • Engineering co-ops

Evan took out loans his freshman year. But engineering students are required to do three co-ops. They spend one semester working and the next semester on campus. When Evan started his co-op experiences, he was able to earn enough money to pay tuition and living expenses for the next semesters, when he was back on campus.

"Nothing beats co-ops — to see how engineering works in the real world, get experience and earn enough to pay tuition. With all the resources UToledo offers and the high job placement rate for engineering students, it set me up for life after college. I have minimal debt, and I’ll pay it off in about six months once I find a job after I graduate."

At first I was a bit worried. All you hear is that college isn’t affordable and you’re going to come out with so much debt. But the co-op program in engineering opens up a lot of opportunities. I knew if I could get a good co-op and work on campus, I could pay for it. And I have."
Evan Reed
Class of 2019, electrical engineering | Carleton, Mich.

Many of our students work. In fact, they tell us jobs help them better manage their time. UToledo’s career services office can help you find:

  • On- and off-campus jobs
  • Internships
  • Permanent jobs that pay the bills

Last year,
653 students connected with alumni mentors
860 employers recruited at 10 career fairs

UToledo: A Proven Value and
a Great Return on Your Investment

If you stay focused and determined, you will graduate from UToledo with:

  • Skills that will land you a career, not just a job
  • Enriching personal and professional experiences
  • Memories and friendships that last a lifetime
I knew going into UToledo’s cosmetic science and formulation design program that this was probably my best shot at becoming a cosmetic scientist.

My job at Estée Lauder is basically my dream job. I didn’t think I could end up there so quickly. But our program really gives us a competitive advantage that makes us stand out. The program helped me pursue my dreams.”
Margaret Gorz
Class of 2018, cosmetic science and formulation | Algoma, Wis.

Three months after graduation, Margaret began work as an associate scientist in New York for the Estée Lauder Companies. She’s formulating color cosmetics such as lipstick and foundation for brands including Smashbox, Becca, Origins and Aveda.

We really train our students with a focus on the industry. I continuously look at job advertisements, and I look at what skills they usually require to ensure we hit those target skills and knowledge sets.”
Dr. Gabriella Baki
director of the cosmetic science and formulation design program

We are affordable.


Public university of our size in Ohio when comparing average annual salaries to total student loan debt

(U.S. Dept. of Education, College Scorecard, April 2019)


on the list of most affordable cities in the U.S. for college students

(Student Loan Hero, 2018)

Earn more with your UToledo degree.


The lowest student debt among Ohio’s public colleges

(LendEDU, 2017)


1st in Ohio for average starting salary of graduates

(New York Times, College Mobility, January 2017)

Last Updated: 6/27/22