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Taylor Juza - Roofing and Asphalt Commercial Pricing Intern (Owens Corning)

Taylor Juza - Owens Corning

As an intern at Owens Corning I will learn about the roofing and asphalt business, understand the products, markets, the customers Owens Corning sells to and our competition.

I am currently an intern working to get into the Finance Accounting Leadership Program.  I enjoy how organized the program is and how we are able to meet with the CFO and CEO of Owens Corning, and even have lunch with them. This internship will allow me to learn about corporate finance and how a Fortune 500 company works. This internship fits my career goals by allowing me to be able to see and understand what I could be doing for a Fortune 500 company, because it has always been a goal of mine to work for a well-known company.

COBI has helped me prepare for the Owens Corning position in many ways. The resume critiques before the job fair made sure my resume was up to par, and they answered any last minute questions about the companies. At the job fair I ran into many people who work at COBI and they always reassured me to be confident and be myself, that I had nothing to worry about, so it eased some of my nerves before talking to the companies. After receiving an interview with Owens Corning, COBI hosted a night for us to meet with Owens Corning employees and the interviewers. Thanks to COBI, I was able to make sure that this internship was the right internship for me.

I selected to attend The University of Toledo College of Business and Innovation because of all the possibilities that this University can provide me. The rate of students receiving full-time jobs right out of school is a great reassurance that, as long as I put in my work at school, I will be proud to have the name of the school on my diploma. Since my first day at UT, advisors were willing to work with me and help me make sure that I am taking all the right courses to graduate on time.

My major is human resource management and finance. I chose this as my major because I am fully interested in both of these fields of study and I want to one day be able to help a company succeed in this competitive business world. I know that both my majors will challenge me in a way that I will be able to learn more about myself and have a full understanding of how companies operate.

If I could give someone advice about studying business at UT COBI, it would be to use all your resources: talk to advisors, start networking with your professors, and especially to get involved in multiple business organizations, as they are a great way to find students with similar goals and interests to yours, and those people can be mentors for you down the road.

As students studying in the field of business, it is a very competitive market to find jobs, so make sure you continuously set goals for yourself. You always need to know the direction you want to be taking after school, and the best part is it doesn't matter how you get there, as long as you do.

Last Updated: 11/3/16