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checking account's

A checking account allows you to write personal checks either to buy goods or pay bills. 

You may pay of your monthly bills (rent and utilities) through your checking account. That way, if there is ever a question about your having paid, or not, you will have proof you paid. Most baking institutions also offer online bill pay or a debit/ credit card which maybe used like a check.

*Never give out your checking account number to anyone except the bank representatives. If you give out your number, an individual could use it to withdraw money from your account—even without a signature from you!

savings account

A savings account is for extra money. You should put money which you will not need for daily or monthly living expenses into this account. You can save money for tuition, books and insurance in this account.

Automatic Teller Machines

Automatic Teller Machine's or ATM's are where you can withdrawl or deposite funds into your checking or savings accounts. You will use a PIN number to access your account.  Most ATM's are located near the entrance of banks,large grocery stres and shopping centers. There is  typically a nominal fee ($2 or $3 dollars) associated with withdrwals from the ATM's.

Memorize your PIN number- Never carry it with you.

wire transfers

Students interested in paying tuition and fees via wire transfer should use the following information to complete the transaction:

Acct:      01472257668

ABA:      044000024

Swift ID # HUNTUS33

1-614-480-8384 Columbus, OH















Last Updated: 6/26/15