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We offer an ABET-accredited Bachelor of Science in Bioengineering degree program that features more than 45 hours of Bioengineering courses taught by award-winning faculty, an integrated co-operative education experience and a combined Bacc2MD Pathway program offered in conjunction with the University of Toledo College of Medicine. Please see the Undergraduate Program page for more details.

Bioengineering Undergraduate Enrollment/Graduation 

Enrollment (BIOE is a 5 year program, so this includes 5 years of students)
Fall 2012 - 303
Fall 2013 - 302
Fall 2014 - 315
Fall 2015 - 305
Fall 2016 - 317
Fall 2017 - 332

Graduation (The majority of BIOE students graduate in Spring.  Winter graduation numbers slightly less.)
Spring 2012 - 22
Spring 2013 - 42
Spring 2014 - 57
Spring 2015 - 46
Spring 2016 - 43
Spring 2017 - 47


We offer various graduate programs, including coursework- and thesis-based MS programs, a Ph.D. in Engineering and our new Biomedical Engineering Ph.D. program offered jointly by the University of Toledo College of Engineering and College of Medicine. Please see the Graduate Programs page for more details.



Congratulations to the eight 2017 Bioengineering Graduates who participated in the University of Toledo College of Medicine White Coat Ceremony.

2017 COM White Coat Ceremony

December 19, 2017


Dr. Scott Pappada, Assistant Professor in the Departments of Bioengineering and Anesthesiology, is a recently featured University of Toledo researcher regarding his work in developing biometric sensory measures to better analyze clinical simulation responses to assist in the training of physicians.  His interview and overview of this very important work can be viewed here:


October 27, 2017   Dr. Vijay Goel, Distinguished University Professor and Endowed Chair, in our Department has been recognized by the AIMBE College of Fellows for major contributions related to the understanding of the biomechanics of the spine. Specifically, Dr. Goel lead a study at the University of Toledo for 4WEB Medical demonstrating reduced subsidence for their Lateral Spine Truss System (LSTS) as compared to annular interbody implant designs. This work was presented at the annual meeting of the North American Spine Society. The full story and acknowledgement can be found at .

April 26, 2017


UT Engineering classmates win first place prize in COBI’s 2017 Business Plan Competition 


April 7, 2017


Dr. Jeremy Heffner, M.D., was   recognized as the 2017 Department of Bioengineering Outstanding   Alumnus. Dr. Heffner is a 2002 B.S.   Bioengineering graduate. He is currently the Division Chair of General   Surgery and Trauma Medical Director at Lima Memorial Hospital, Lima, OH.   Congratulations, Jeremy, and best wishes for continued success. 


April 4-6, 2017


The Center for Disruptive   Musculoskeletal Innovations hosted the Spring Symposium for the Center   members and Advisory Board.


March 31, 2017


Bioengineering students and   faculty were recognized at the College of Engineering Honor's Convocation:



  •   Ms. Jenna Lykins was recognized as the   Senior Scholar. This honor goes to the individual in the graduating class   with the highest cumulative GPA. Jenna is from Whitehouse, Ohio and will be   graduating summa cum laude with a nearly perfect 4.0 GPA. For her senior   project, she is working on a vacuum foot prosthetic. She plans to start a career   in the orthopedic medical device industry due to her interest in   biomechanics. In her leisure time, Jenna participates in the UT ballroom   dancing group. Jenna, congratulations on an incredible undergraduate career.


  •   Mr. Michael Peachock was recognized for the   Outstanding Senior for Campus & Community Contributions in recognition of   service, leadership, and involvement in campus and community activities and   organizations. Mike is a Bioengineering major and entrepreneurship minor. In   addition to his role as a peer mentor in our Bioengineering department,   Mike’s contributions reach across campus. He was a resident advisor for two   years, he has served on the UT Student Senate since 2013, and in the last   year he has tutored other students at the UT Learning Enhancement Center.   Mike has made these contributions all while maintaining one of the highest   GPAs in the graduating class and completing three co-op rotations with Boston   Scientific. Mike truly represents balance between academics, career, and   community engagement. Thank you for all you do and congratulations, Mike.


  •   Dr. Eda Yildirim-Ayan, Assistant Professor   of Bioengineering, was recognized with the College of Engineering Outstanding   Undergraduate Mentor Award. Since joining our faculty in spring of 2011, Dr.   Yildirim-Ayan has demonstrated an exceptional ability to mentor and inspire undergraduate   students in our Bioengineering program. Her students have become enthusiastic   participants in high level research, with several of them continuing on to   graduate programs at UT and elsewhere. The results of this engagement can be   seen in the large number of journal articles and conference presentations   that she has completed with undergraduate students, and in the number of   research fellowships won by students working in her lab. Dr. Yildirim-Ayan’s   example represents an ideal balance between teaching and research, and her   gift for mentoring will impact generations of students to come. Dr.   Yildirim-Ayan, thank you and congratulations.


  •   Dr. Brent Cameron, Professor of Bioenginering,   was awarded the College of Engineering Outstanding Faculty Researcher Award.   Dr. Cameron represents excellence in many aspects of the research enterprise.   His research endeavors are centered around biological sensing, and began in   the area of non-invasive glucose sensing. Over the years Dr. Cameron’s   research has significantly broadened to include the development of novel   optical and electrochemical sensors for medical diagnostics and biosensing.   Since joining UT in 2000, Dr. Cameron has not only demonstrated excellence in   research and technology development but also research commercialization. The   large number of patents he has won at UT - among the highest for a UT faculty   member - is evidence of his fortitude. Dr. Cameron has become a nationally   recognized leader in the field of biosensing, and his success has directly   impacted the success of the college. Dr. Cameron, we are grateful for your   contributions to research and commercialization, as well as your   contributions to a culture of excellence at the College of Engineering.   Congratulations on this award.


February 24, 2017


COE Freshman Design Expo - Six   groups of BIOE freshmen presented their design projects at the event.   Congratulations to all of the groups and thanks to all who attended and   provided feedback on the project designs. EZG, an easily repositional and   reusable ECG harness was the top vote-getter at the event. Congratulations to   the EZG team members: Nadia Sherman, Emily Schuetz, Joshua Willins, Nick   Cross, Alex Synnestvedt, and Vincent Fiori.


January 21 & 28, 2017


The Department hosted two   Scholarship Day events - January 21 & 28 - for students admitted to the   Fall 2017 entering class. Registration information is available here.


December 2016


Faculty publication - Tuttle, N.,   Kaderavek, J. N., Molitor, S., Czerniak, C. M., Johnson-Whitt, E.,   Bloomquist, D., Namatovu, W., Wilson, G. (2016). Investigating the impact of   NGSS-aligned professional development on PK-3 teachers’ science content   knowledge and pedagogy. Journal of Science Teacher Education,   27:717–745.

  •   Faculty patent issued - S. Varanasi, K. Rao, P. Relue, and D.   Yuan, “System for Simultaneous Isomerization and Fermentation of Sugars,” US   Doc ID 20130330800 A1, US. Pat. No. 9,528,104 B2 issued December 27, 2016.

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