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Congratulations to Dr. N. Sandrine Mubenga and Dr. Thomas Stuart winners of first place during the poster session at the NAECON 2018 Conference in Dayton, Ohio for their research paper on "Bi-level Equalizer for Lithium Ion Battery."  The paper will be published in IEEE Xplore.

mubenga award


Dr. mubenga will present research paper at the Advanced Design and Manucturing Expo on March 7, 2018

Please join Dr. Ngalula Mubenga  as she presents her research paper,  Lowering the Cost of Energy Storage for E/HV and Grid Applications Using a Bilevel Equalizer for Large Li-ion Batteries
This will be on March 7, 2018 from 2:00 p.m. -2:30 p.m. in Room 5 at The Huntington Convention Center in Cleveland, Ohio.
More details can be found here.

Fall 2017 CET Bridge Test

On December 14, 2017 the students in the CET-1010 Introduction to Construction Engineering course gathered in the CET Materials Testing lab to participate in the load annual testing of their index card bridges for their “final exam”.  Student teams are charged with constructing a bridge using only standard index cards and glue to span an 18” gap.  The bridges are limited to 50g of material and must follow other dimensional requirements.  Bridges are scored on adherence to the specifications as well as the weight of the bridge, the load it will carry and the bridge’s load carrying efficiency (Load/Bridge Weight).  This year’s top performer carried a total load of nearly 3.5 kg with an efficiency of 80 times its weight.  Efforts from past years have yielded load carrying capacities over 6 kg and efficiency ratings over 100!
The year-end project allows students to learn the value of teamwork, problem solving while following a set of constraints and an appreciation for quality design and workmanship when viewing the failures of each structure.  Students enjoy the lighthearted break during a hectic exam week with cookies and cheers and jeers for each bridge as it’s tested. 

fa17 bridge test


Fall 2017 Senior Design expo

fall 2017 sr design expo


ACM-W team wins big at scarlethacks 2017

Congratulations goes out to Engineering Technology students Yizhen Shi, Carla Marzari, and Naba Rizvi who won first place and also won "Most Entrepreneurial Project" for CodeWeGo at ScarletHacks.  ScarletHacks is Illinois Tech's 24-hour hackathon.
Visit to see how CodeWeGo works and what inspired the team to create it.



 met graduate appears on shark tank and lands a deal


Tom Burden a 2014 MET graduate appeared on "Shark Tank" on November 12, 2017 with his invention the Grypmat, a non-slip tool tray geared toward mechanics. For more on this story please visit 13ABC.


Assistant director of department student services

Please welcome Julie Croy to the Engineering Technology department. Julie will be assisting Myrna Rudder with student advising on a part-time basis.  Julie has been advising students on the University of Toledo's campus for over 15 years and will be a beneficial addition to the department.


2017 ASEE NOrth Central Section Best Faculty Paper Award

Congratulations goes out to Dr. Carmen Cioc, Dr. Sorin Cioc and Richard Springman for their paper "Using the Capstone Senior Design Project to Retrofit or Design Laboratory Demonstration Units” which was awarded Third Place in the  2017 Best Faculty Paper Award Competition of the ASEE North Central Section.  The award is listed on the ASEE website and will also be in the next ASEE newsletter.  


Graduate receives top award

james gonya

James Gonya was named the winner of this year's Outstanding Engineering Student Award by the Ohio Society of Professional Engineers. James was the president of the society's student chapter, served on the society's board of directors, served on the Engineer's Foundation of Ohio's board of trustees and he graduated magna cum laude.  James just recently passed the Fundamentals of Engineering examination and is employed by JDI Group in Maumee.


'the Price is right'

Jacob Mattoni an EET student and a senior airman in the Air National Guard won the Showcase Showdown on The Price is Right in March.  For more of this story please see The Blade published May 27, 2017.


Making connections: Preparing teachers to integrate stem


A summer research collaboration between UT and Toledo Public Schools (TPS) led by Dr. Judy Lambert provided support to 5th and 6th grade math and science teachers who would like to integrate STEM activities into their classrooms.  Dr. Carmen Cioc, MET program director, and Dr. Sorin Cioc  developed and presented four engineering design challenges to the 17 participants. The participants also toured two of our engineering labs and learned more about 3D printing and the flow of air in the wind tunnel.


spring 2017 senior design exposition


Rudolph Libbe Inc. Office Renovation
Senior Design Team

Refurbished Toledo tower gives city flair

Construction Engineering Technology students, along with Interim Chair, Linda Beall, tour the new "Tower on the Maumee", formerly the Fiberglass Tower. Photo is of the newly installed Italian tile. For more of this story please see The Blade published April 19, 2017.

CET Grad Accepted into McDermott Middle East KSA Graduate Program

Spring 2016 CET Graduate Ammar Alkhars was accepted into the very selective McDermott Middle East KSA Graduate Training Program. Ammar (pictured on the far left in article) will now be rotated through McDermott's sections over a two year period to learn their operational functions.mubenga award
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