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Career Compass: A Map for Your Legal Career in Criminal Law

Criminal Law is perhaps the most fundamental aspect of a legal system. It sets forth the basic code of conduct for a society, and the penalties for failure to comply with that code. Criminal Law also establishes the procedural protections that defendants must be afforded before the government can deprive them of life, liberty or property.

The College of Law has a strong tradition of preparing attorneys for practice in this critical field, whether as prosecutors, defense counsel, or judges.


Core Curriculum:
Criminal Law*
Criminal Procedure – Investigations
Criminal Procedure – Adjudications
Criminal Law Practice Program

Specialty Courses:
Advanced Criminal Law Practicum
Advanced Topics in Criminal Law
Juvenile Law
Money Laundering
Post-Conviction Practicum
Public Service Externship in a criminal law setting
Tax Fraud
Trial Practice
White Collar Crime

Other Student Opportunities

Criminal Law Certificate
J.D./M.A. in Criminal Justice Joint Degree program
Criminal Law Moot Court Team
Trial Advocacy Team
Criminal Justice Society (Student Group)
Defense of the Wrongfully Convicted (Student Group)


Jelani Jefferson Exum
Gregory Gilchrist
Nicole Porter
Daniel Steinbock
Robin Kennedy (Professor of Law Emeritus)
Judge Stephen Murphy (Lecturer in Law)


* Courses Required for J.D. Degree


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Last Updated: 4/18/16