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Career Compass: A Map for Your Legal Career in Health Law

Health Law’s distinction lies in its scope: in a sense, nearly all law is health law. While many areas of legal practice focus on one type of law applied to numerous industries, health law focuses on ways that innumerable sources of law interact with the health care industry. 

Because health law encompasses almost every substantive area of law, health law careers are as diverse as the law itself. Health lawyers work in private practice, in government, in business, and for the public interest. They represent patients, doctors, nurses, clinics, hospitals, health systems, insurers, employers, manufacturers, scientists, and citizens. Breadth of knowledge and problem-solving skills unite health lawyers across these varied practice areas and enable them to identify the constantly evolving ways that health law issues can arise in this highly regulated industry. Depth of knowledge characterizes health lawyers within common areas of specialization, including litigation, transactions, compliance, and enforcement.

The American Health Lawyers Association’s Careers in Health Law and Life Sciences provides additional very helpful detail, which is tracked by the College of Law’s curricular offerings.


Core Curriculum:
Administrative Law
Health Law

Specialty Courses:
Business Associations
Constitutional Law*
Disability Law
Federal Income Tax
Food & Drug Law
Health Care Fraud and Abuse
Reproductive Technology and the Law Seminar
Public Service Externship in health law placements

Other Student Opportunities

Health Law Certificate
J.D./M.D. Joint Degree Program
Health Law Society (Student Group)
ProMedica Healthcare Fellowship (Post-Graduate Clerkship with ProMedica)


Susan Martyn
Elizabeth McCuskey
Nicole Porter
Evan Zoldan


* Courses Required for J.D. Degree


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Last Updated: 2/2/18