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Career Compass: A Map for Your Legal Career in International Law

Some international law attorneys practice in bastions of international law such as the State Department, the United Nations, multi-national corporations, and private practice overseas. But many attorneys in a variety of practice settings encounter international law issues: e.g., advising a major corporation on Canadian health care issues, helping American parents retrieve their children from foreign countries, representing an individual who had a car accident overseas, complying with import/export regulations and licensing for a small business client in Ohio expanding its business abroad, or representing a client in an international arbitration regarding a business dispute with a Vietnamese corporation. In a world that increasingly resembles a global village, international law just happens.

The International Law practice area offers students an opportunity to engage in both doctrinal and experiential learning to prepare them to represent clients who have legal problems with an international dimension. Core courses introduce students to the concepts of public and private international law. Beyond this foundation, a suite of elective courses examine comparative as well as international law on specific topics such as intellectual property, human rights, terrorism, and dispute resolution.

For those interested in international armed conflict and the laws of war, Toledo Law’s observer status at the U.S. Department of Defense Office of Military Commissions permits students to observe the 9/11 and Cole Military Commissions at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Students may also research and assist in the preparation of reports for domestic and international human rights organizations as well as shadow reports for United Nations bodies regarding U.S. compliance with international treaty obligations.


Core Curriculum:
International Business Transactions
International Law

Specialty Courses:
Immigration Law
International and Domestic Arbitration
International Comparative Law
International Development & Human Rights Seminar

Other Student Opportunities

Jessup Moot Court Competition
International Law Certificate
International Law (Student Group)
GITMO Observer Program


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Llewellyn Gibbons

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