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Dean's List

CONGRATULATIONS to the following

Dean's List students

Please Note: If you have a privacy restriction on your record, your name will not appear on the following list.

Fall 2014

Ralph Ablorh-Quarcoo
Patrick Charest
Trevor Colvin
Kaitlyn Filzer
Marissa Fitzpatrick
Ashley Fosgate
Dominic Gentile
Kayla Henderson
Nicholas Huckaby
Nicholas Jacoby
Rachel Johnson
Michelle Kuipers
Jonathan Lischak
Linda Miller
Alan Nichols
Dodd Pace
Andrea Petitjean
Jasmine Rippy
Lara Rump
Isaac Skaggs
Lauren Smith
Steven Spitler
Matt Spitnale
Steven Steel
Trent Sulek
Gabriel Tharp
Elizabeth Tighe
Clare Updike
Nathan VanDenBerghe
Alec Vogelpohl
Jonathon Walbom
Corey Wheaton
James Wistner
Andrea Young

Last Updated: 3/23/15