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Student Organizations

Our students are engaged in our law school community and many elect to participate in one or more of the College of Law’s student organizations. Contact information for each student organization is available at the links below.

Questions? Please contact the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs.

Chili Goof-Off


Chili Goof-Off
2013 Chili Goof-Off

Student Bar Association

Alternative Dispute Resolution Society

American Bar Association – LSD

American Constitution Society

Art Law Society

Black Law Student Association

Business Law Society

Christian Legal Society

Criminal Justice Society

Delta Theta Phi

Environmental Law Society

Family & Juvenile Law Society

The Federalist Society

Health Law Society

Homeland Security & Immigration Law Society

Intellectual Property Law Society

International Law Society

Labor and Employment Law Association

Night Student Association

No Holds Bar Review


Phi Alpha Delta

Public Interest Law Association

Sports & Entertainment Law Society

Women's Law Student Association

Last Updated: 6/26/15