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Exam Policies

Examination/Rescheduling Policy

Generally, examination schedules are published simultaneously with each semester's schedule. It is the responsibility of the student to select his/her schedule taking into account the final examination schedule. All requests for rescheduled examinations must be received by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs by the announced date. For Fall 2015, the due date is Friday, October 23.

  1. A student absent from a final examination shall receive a grade of F unless such absence has been excused by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. Except in rare cases, such excuse will be granted only if the cause of the absence is reported prior to the examination.
  2. Authorization to reschedule examinations for compliance with the ADA will be coordinated through the offices of the Associate Dean, the Registrar, and the University of Toledo Office of Accessibility.
  3. Rescheduling of examinations for personal reasons will generally be permitted only if those reasons relate to the health of the student or close family member, death of family member, or employment conflicts for students in the part-time program who have full-time employment.
  4. A student who has two examinations within a 24-hour period (both start and end within 24 hours) shall be entitled to ask for a rescheduling of one examination and a student who has three examinations within a 52-hour period (all three starting and ending within 52 hours) shall be entitled to ask for a rescheduling of one or more examinations.
  5. Examinations will be rescheduled by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in consultation with the faculty member and the student.
  6. It is the primary responsibility of the faculty member to administer all examinations, including rescheduled examinations and accommodated examinations. If the faculty member is unable to administer such an examination, the faculty member will work in conjunction with the student and the Registrar's Office to complete a Rescheduling Examination Form.


Last Updated: 8/20/15