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Pulmonary/Critical Care Fellowship - Clinical Activities

The faculty of the Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine manage all patients in the MICU at the University of Toledo Medical Center, plus provide inpatient and outpatient staff and consultation at UTMC, St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center, St. Lukes Medical Center, the above noted outreach program, and The Toledo Hospital. All diagnostic & therapeutic procedures for our speciality are available, including: bronchoscopies (with various clinical and investigational adaptations), brachytherapy, ablation of stenoses, stent placement, chest tubes, pleural biopsies, Swan Ganz catheter placement and management, plus all procedures common to ICU management. Important aspects of training are derived from consultations to the Surgical Intensive Care Unit (MCH, SVMMC, TTH), Burn Unit (SVMMC), and NeuroIntensive Care Units (MCH). A strong relationship with the Division of Neurology affords extensive clinical and investigational training for critically ill patients with stroke. Pulmonary faculty also provide assistance for long term ventilator care at two facilities adjacent to MCH & SVMMC.

The "State of the Art" Pulmonary Function Laboratory at UT is managed by the Pulmonary/Critical Care Division and avails extensive clinical and clinical research opportunities to trainees, along with labs at SVMC, TTH, St. Lukes Hospital, and each of the satellite sites. An extensive Sleep Medicine Laboratory at The Regional Center for Sleep Medicine also provides training and clinical research opportunities.

Pulmonary Fellowship

Last Updated: 6/9/16