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Pulmonary/Critical Care Fellowship - Educational Activities

The UTMC Pulmonary/Critical Care Division provides a training program which offers two tracks: a clinical track, which is geared to those interested in the practice of medicine, customarily lasts three years and leads to Board Certification in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine; an academic track, which provides one or more years of additional training for those interested in clinical or basic research. The Fellowship Program provides a broad array of training experiences at several different clinic sites. Participation on the Clinical Consultation services will provide experience and competence in dealing with diagnosis and management of simple and complex pulmonary disorders. Fellows will become familiar with the clinical literature and be facile with procedures necessary for the practice of Pulmonary Medicine. All consultations are done under the direct supervision of a full time faculty member who attends to each patient in conjunction with the fellow. Over a three year period, the fellow can expect to perform an average of 200 bronchoscopies along with sufficient experience in pleural biopsies, chest tube placement, transthoracic and transtracheal needle aspirations, plus all other procedures common to the practice of Pulmonary Medicine. Participation in more specialized procedures is offered, such as lasar/argon ablation, stent placement, and whole lung lavage. Review of pathology specimens in conjunction with the pulmonary and pathology faculty are an integral part of the training experience. Sleep Clinic and Sleep Disorder training round out your exposure.

During Medical Intensive Care Unit training, the fellow assumes the leading role of the team which manages all MICU patients. In this capacity, he or she makes rounds at least twice daily with the students, housestaff, and attending physician; becomes acquainted with techniques of hemodynamic monitoring, including systemic arterial and pulmonary arterial catheter insertion; learns the concepts and techniques of mechanical ventilation and plays an active role in teaching of housestaff, students, and nurses.

Our MICU facility at UTMC affords Pulmonary/Critical Care Medicine fellows the training and experience necessary to go forth as a leader in the field of Critical Care Medicine. The Outpatient Clinics, Pulmonary Function Laboratory, and Sleep Studies Laboratory provide a broad array of experiences in Pulmonary Medicine under the direct supervision of full-time faculty. In addition, fellows participate in clinical research, x-ray, and pathology and multi-disciplinary conferences on a regular basis.

The attitude of our training program must be emphasized in that the entire orientation is toward training and education of the fellow rather than toward service alone. As such, night and weekend call is minimized. Outside educational experiences are emphasized (conferences, etc.), and literature and conference attendance is a priority.

Pulmonary Fellowship

Last Updated: 6/9/16