Emergency Medicine Residency

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2013 Graduate



2012 Graduates


Class of 2012



Resident Name                          Graduate Yr.                                                            Destination

Sama Ghali                        Class of 2013                                             Charolette, NC

John Silacci                        Class of 2013                                             Bedminster, NJ 

Lucas Bass                        Class of 2013                                              Toledo, OH

Scott Chapman                  Class of 2013                                              Selah, WA

Andrew Melone                  Class of 2013                                              Reno, NV

Han Chang                       Class of 2013                                              Reno, NV

Sean Buturla                     Class of 2013                                              Toledo, Oh

Nick Kwan MD                   Class of 2012                                               Las Vegas, NV

Ajay Jetley MD                  Class of 2012                                               Toledo, Ohio

William Saunders MD        Class of 2012                                               Toledo, Ohio

Nicole Payne MD               Class of 2012                                                Toledo, Ohio

Sean Marquis MD              Class of 2012                                               Milwaukee, WI

Jan Brown II MD                Class of 2012                                               Sarasota, FL

Michael Tricoci MD              Class of 2012                                               Chicago, IL                                         

Meridith Womick MD           Class of 2012                                             Charlotte NC                                           

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