Emergency Medicine Residency

Current Residents

Our Third Years
3rd Year Residents.

PGY-3 2015-2018

Mohammed Alomani, M.D.
    • Mohammed Alomani, M.D.
    • Medical School: King Faisal University
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Chris Fenzel, M.D.
    • Chris Fenzel, M.D.
    • Medical School: Ross University
    • Undergraduate: University of Kentucky
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Peter Fuller, M.D.
  • Peter Fuller, M.D.
  • Medical School: University of Texas
  • Undergraduate: Brigham Young University
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Kamran Haydar, M.D.
    • Kamran Haydar, M.D.
    • Medical School: University of Toledo
    • Undergraduate: University of Michigan
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Glen Saxby, M.D.
  • Glen Saxby, M.D.
  • Medical School: Chicago Medical School
  • Undergraduate: Walla Walla University
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Matthew Schwartz, M.D.
  • Matthew Schwartz, M.D.
  • Medical School: New York Medical School
  • Undergraduate: University of Central Florida
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Kruti Shah, M.D.
    • Kruti Shah, M.D.
    • Medical School: University of Illinois
    • Undergraduate: University of Illinois- Urbana-Champaign
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Dave Solarz, M.D.
    • Dave Solarz, M.D.
    • Medical School: Wright State
    • Undergraduate: University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill
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Second Year Residents
2nd Year Residents

PGY-2 2016-2019


Mohammad Alkhunaizi, M.D.
  • Mohammad Alkhunaizi, M.D.
  • Medical School: University of Dammam
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Siddarth Bangar, M.D.
  • Siddarth Bangar, M.D.
  • Medical School: Indiana University School of Medicine
  • Undergraduate: Indiana University - Gary
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Michael Bojrab, M.D.
  • Michael Bojrab, M.D.
  • Medical School: Indiana University School of Medicine
  • Undergraduate: Indiana University- Bloomington
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Jason Driggs, M.D.
  • Jason Driggs, M.D.
  • Medical School: University of Toledo
  • Undergraduate: THE Ohio State University
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Nasheed Fakhouri, D.O.
    • Nasheed Fakhouri, D.O.
    • Medical School: Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine- Georgia Campus
    • Undergraduate: University of California- San Diego

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 Erica Goldberger, M.D.
  • Erica Goldberger, M.D.
  • Medical School: University of Toledo
  • Undergraduate: Loyola University Chicago
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Kevin Nguyen, M.D.
      • Kevin Nguyen, M.D.
      • Medical School: University of Toledo
      • Undergraduate: University of California- Irvine
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Najim Ward, M.D.
      • Najim Ward, M.D.
      • Medical School: Howard University College of Medicine
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First year Residents 
                                                        1st Year Residents

 PGY-1 2017-2020


 Susan Akapo, D.O.
  • Susan Akapo, D.O.
  • Medical School: Ohio University
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Suha Alshambari, M.D.
  • Suha Alshambari, M.D.
  • Medical School: Umm Al-qura University
  • Undergraduate: 
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Nicolas Deluga, M.D.
  • Nicolas Deluga, M.D.
  • Medical School:  Ohio State University (no "the" needed)
  • Undergraduate: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • About

  • Enjoys rock climbing, mountain biking, and ultimate frisbee

 Ryan Johnston, M.D.
  • Ryan Johnston, M.D.
  • Medical School: University of Toledo
  • Undergraduate:  University of Toledo
  • About
    Basically born and raised in Toledo and can't figure out how to leave. In my copious free time I enjoy working out, playing with my dog, and spending time with my friends. Professional interests include disaster relief and international medicine. I've been called the Fergie of my generation

Fenil Kholwadwala M.D.
    • Fenil Kholwadwala M.D.
    • Medical School: New Mexico University
    • Undergraduate: 


 Mecca Madhun, D.O.
  • Mecca Madhun, D.O.
  • Medical School: Ohio University
  • Undergraduate: 
  • About

Kathleen Rocco, M.D.
      • Kathleen Rocco, M.D.
      • Medical School: Indiana University
      • Undergraduate: 
      • About:

        Buckeye born but Hoosier raised, I continue to enjoy Midwest living here in Toledo. When I am not at the hospital, you can find me on the mats practicing BJJ or at the ice rink making figure eights.  

De ante' Russ, M.D.
      • De ante' Russ, M.D.
      • Medical School: University of Toledo
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