Emergency Medicine Residency

Our Residents

Left to Right: Matt Wiepking, Rita Hudec, and Rajiv Bahl, the 2016-2017 Chief Residents

A Message from the Chief Residents:

Holy Toledo and congratulations on taking the first step towards becoming an emergency medicine resident at the University of Toledo Emergency Medicine Program!

Since the early days of our residency, we've had an incredible number of years. Our faculty has grown, the hospital sites have become more encompassing, and the training has become refined to the latest changes in emergency medicine. We have been able to reap the benefits of a strong reputation by attracting the best applicants and we are looking forward to having you join us as well.

We are a group of residents and faculty that work together as a family. We have hospital sites throughout town including an academic hospital, community tertiary care setting, a dedicated pediatric emergency department, as well as two busy level-one trauma centers. All these facilities provide an exceptional environment for exposure to the best in critical care and trauma that the region has to offer.

The residency leadership includes Dr. Edward Kakish, our program director who is one of the strongest resident advocates known throughout our institution. The emergency department Chairman, Dr. Kristopher Brickman, perseveres to ensure our emergency departments remain at the top of their class. Our associate program directors Dr. Shaza Aouthmany and Dr. Mohamad Moussa assist in the latest in education through didactics, bedside learning, ultrasound, and continued mentorship. Ms. Lauren Monus is our residency coordinator helps to ensure the daily resident experience during their tenure is as easy as possible.

Our program focuses on resident research, teaching, and the latest in academic training. We engage our residents in simulation learning in a brand-new state-of- the-art simulation center on a weekly basis. This not only allows us to have bedside learning, and in doing so, take the time to learn the utmost critical steps in patient care. Also, our research opportunities are numerous. The program has a renewed focus with the addition of Dr. Viviane Kazan. She not only helps to educate us through the IRB process but encourages residents to engage in thought-provoking investigation. Not to mention, being affiliated with a college of medicine allows us to have around the clock data collection with the help of eager medical students who are always looking to help and assist in scientific discovery.

Our 3-year curriculum offers a wide range of experiences to allow complete education in both emergency medicine as well as subspecialty training. The emergency department shifts are 10 hours long with intern residents completing 22-shifts in a month, second year residents work 20-shifts, and third year residents have 18-shifts. During your first two years we have dedicated rotations in anesthesia, ultrasound, pediatric intensive care unit, medical intensive care unit, orthopedics, and trauma to truly hone in on specialty skills. As a third year you have the opportunity to complete multiple electives, both local and global, as well as the chance to challenge your skills during moonlighting. The most amazing part of our residency are the residents themselves. As a close family of 24 total residents we work as a team. We’re dedicated to not only serving the community during the most critical of times, but we are friends inside and outside of the workplace. Between going to baseball games and festivals on summer days or grabbing dinner and enjoying the nightlife downtown, we are a group that grows stronger each year.

We hope you strongly consider our program and all that has to offer. If you have any questions along the way, please feel free to contact any of us at utmcchiefresidents AT gmail DOT com. We look forward to meeting you during the interview season!

Our Third Years
Our Third Year Residents.

PGY-3 2014-2017

  • Asaad Alsufyani, M.D.
  • Medical School: Umm Al-Qura University College of Medicine
  • Rajiv Bahl, M.D. M.B.A., M.S.
  • Medical School: University of Toledo
  • Undergrad: Emory University
  • About: Although I have been in the Midwest for a number of years, I consider Orlando, Florida to be home. I grew up with my parents Ravi and Kusam Bahl, have a sister Kavita Kolli, brother in-law Prashanth Kolli, and a handsome baby nephew Shaan. Having spent the past 10+ years traveling for political work and school, I’m excited to be part of this wonderful residency program! When I’m not working, I enjoy being a big brother in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, black and white photography, grilling when the weather is nice, the beautiful metroparks around Toledo, and practicing hot yoga… it’s my zen of choice!
  • Krystal Ribeiro, M.D.
  • Medical School: University of Lublin
  • Undergraduate: University of California- Irvine
  • Jason DiYanni, D.O.
  • Medical School: West Virgina College of Medicine
  • Undergraduate: The Ohio State University
  • About: Grew up in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, which is a suburb of the great Columbus, Ohio. I am really into all sports, I love watching and playing them when I have time. Just to name few of my favorites they are football, soccer, basketball, wrestling and tennis. I am a big outdoors person and love to hunt, fish, hike, camp, exercise, skydive, and bike. I am a big proponent of getting others and myself involved in community service activities, I take part in my church’s events whenever possible, and I have a heart for free community medical clinics and medical missions. Lastly, I love spending time with my wife, all of my brothers and sisters and the rest family and friends back home.
  • Shan Gao, M.D.
  • Medical School: Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine
  • About: My name is Shan Gao, I graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine. I came straight from China to Toledo for residency training and all kinds of experiences and opportunities. I love the program and the city so far. My interest in the field of Emergency Medicine besides daily clinical work (EM’s Best!) would be Global Medicine and Administration. I love to learn from people all over the world and share my experience with them as well. Besides medicine, I like to travel, to meet different people, and to cook authentic Chinese food for my friends. I love to try new things, so hit me with your idea of fun and let’s do it!
  • Rita Hudec, M.D.
  • Medical School: Ross University
  • Undergraduate: University of Miami
  • About: Not unlike Lebron James, I was born and raised in northeast Ohio, got distracted for several years in Miami, Florida, and then returned to Ohio to begin the highest point in my career. Outside of work you can find me running, kayaking, at spin class, or wine tasting (I am an intermediate level sommelier).
  • Capt. Kelley Stanko, M.D.
  • Medical School: University of Arizona
  • Undergraduate: University of Arizona College of Medicine- Tucson
  • Matt Wiepking, M.D.
  • Medical School: University College Cork
  • Undergraduate: University of California- San Diego
  • About: Drawn by UT’s unique emphasis on international/global medicine, I matched into the University of Toledo Emergency Medicine residency in 2014. In past lives, I have been an EMT and web designer. I am interested in critical care, international emergency medicine, and analgesic use in the emergency department. I am a sometimes writer whose work has been featured on Medscape and in Ireland's Medical Independent.

Second Year Residents
Our Second Year Residents: Dr. Solarz seemingly unable to get out from behind the head of Dr. Haydar.

PGY-2 2015-2018

  • Mohammed Alomani, M.D.
  • Medical School: King Faisal University
  • Chris Fenzel, M.D.
  • Medical School: Ross University
  • Undergraduate: University of Kentucky
  • About: I enjoy reading, golf, running, cooking, movies, and enjoying the restaurants and nightlife in downtown Toledo. Future interests include a few years in the Army and returning to practice EM in my hometown of Louisville, KY!
  • Peter Fuller, M.D.
  • Medical School: University of Texas- Houston
  • Undergraduate: Brigham Young University
  • About: I can eat 40 flapjacks in under 10 minutes.
  • Kamran Haydar, M.D.
  • Medical School: University of Toledo
  • Undergraduate: University of Michigan
  • Glen Saxby, M.D.
  • Medical School: Chicago Medical School
  • Undergraduate: Walla Walla University
  • About: Pacific Northwest native living it up in the Rust Belt. I spend my spare time making stuff out of wood and looking for the perfect burrito.
  • Matthew Schwartz, M.D.
  • Medical School: New York Medical School
  • Undergraduate: University of Central Florida
  • Kruti Shah, M.D.
  • Medical School: University of Illinois
  • Undergraduate: University of Illinois- Urbana-Champaign
  • Dave Solarz, M.D.
  • Medical School: Wright State
  • Undergraduate: University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill
  • About: Food, exercising, international medicine, time at the pool with my fellow residents, traveling and adventures.

The Interns. Our new Interns about to begin their Orientation month.

PGY-1 2016-2019

  • Mohammad Alkhunaizi, M.D.
  • Medical School: University of Dammam
  • About: I love traveling, playing soccer and hiking. I have interests in Ultrasound and Sports Medicine.
  • Siddarth Bangar, M.D.
  • Medical School: University of Indiana School of Medicine
  • Undergraduate: University of Indiana- Gary
  • About: I like long walks on the beach, romantic comedies, and dogs.
  • Michael Bojrab, M.D.
  • Medical School: University of Indiana School of Medicine
  • Undergraduate: Indiana University- Bloomington
  • About: Born and raised in Fort Wayne, IN. In my free time, I enjoy playing basketball, golfing, fishing, traveling, or hanging with my pup, Blue. Go Hoosiers.
  • Jason Driggs, M.D.
  • Medical School: University of Toledo
  • Undergraduate: THE Ohio State University
  • About: Loves video games, fluffy kittens and bench pressing.
  • Nasheed Fakhouri, D.O
  • Medical School: Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine- Georgia Campus
  • Undergraduate: University of California- San Diego
  • About: I'm just here to help.
  • Erica Goldberger, M.D.
  • Medical School: University of Toledo
  • Undergraduate: Loyola University Chicago
  • About: I grew up in Maumee and am happy to be close to family for residency. My interests in medicine include flight medicine and international medicine. I like cooking and traveling and hope to do a lot more of both once residency is over. I'm also passionate about maintaining a balanced healthy life; I enjoy running, biking, and getting to the gym.
  • Kevin Nguyen, M.D.
  • Medical School: University of Toledo
  • Undergraduate: University of California- Irvine
  • About: Originally a California native, but I have come to call the Midwest home after surviving through several winters. I am passionate about cooking shows; my dream in life is getting paid to travel around the world and eating (Thanks for that hopeless dream, Mr. Bourdain). In a previous life, I worked at Disneyland.
  • Najim Ward, M.D.
  • Medical School: Howard University College of Medicine
  • Undergraduate: Benedictine University
  • About: I love food and I'm liking Ohio. Enjoy playing soccer.
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