College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Professional Division Admission Criteria

Students apply to the professional division of the college’s BSPS and/or PharmD program upon completing the required pre-professional division prerequisite coursework. Admission to the Professional Division is competitive. The prerequisite coursework for both programs is very similar. See the Student Handbook for professional division admission criteria.

The B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences program has a capacity of 150 students in each class. The Doctor of Pharmacy program has a capacity of 108 students in each class. Around 250 students apply to the professional division each year.

Applications for the Professional Division are evaluated based upon:

  • An essay that will be submitted in the spring semester of the year students wish to begin in the professional division
  • Cumulative and Science GPAs
    • Historically, students entering the professional division carry a cumulative GPA of 3.3 or higher.
    • Science GPA is calculated from the two General Chemistry lecture grades, the first Organic Chemistry lecture grade, the two appropriate Biology lecture grades, the first Calculus grade, the first Physics grade, and the first Functional Anatomy and Pathophysiology grade.
    • Students may take the science courses a maximum of two times, and the college will use the better grade to calculate the GPA.  The grades will not be averaged.

Applications for the Doctor of Pharmacy program further include:

  • Two required letters of recommendation
  • An interview
    • Top students will be interviewed.
  • PCAT test score
Last Updated: 9/21/16