College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences


The University of Toledo offers a variety of scholarships for direct from high school, transfer and continuing students. 

Scholarships for students applying directly from high school

The priority deadline for general admission scholarships is December 1st of the student’s senior year in high school.  Students are automatically considered for UT scholarships simply by submitting a completed admissions application to The University of Toledo. 

Scholarships for Transfer Students

Scholarships available to transfer students 

Scholarships for Continuing Pharmacy Students

Continuing pharmacy students are eligible to apply for scholarships awarded by the College of Pharmacy & PharmaceuticalScholarship Students Sciences after completing the first semester at The University of Toledo.  The College of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences does not award scholarships to incoming freshmen.  Students must submit one application to be considered for all pharmacy scholarships, and the application is announced to the students when available. 

Pharmacy General Scholarship

In addition to the above scholarships, we have a Pharmacy General Scholarship Application open to all College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences students. Any eligible student who submits qualifying test scores, transcripts and an undergraduate application listing Pharmacy as their major will be mailed a link to the supplemental application. Students need to submit the supplemental application before they can be considered for Contingent Admission

You must be enrolled in the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences in order to apply for these scholarships. Awarding of scholarships is contingent on continuing in the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

The button below will allow you to access the scholarship application for the Pharmacy General Scholarships. This is the only application needed to apply for University of Toledo College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences donor scholarships. 


Questions & Contact Information

Questions regarding College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences scholarships may be directed to the scholarship coordinator, Suzanne Lee, or Varun Vaidya, scholarship chair.

 Tuition Schedule

Explanation of Fees

Laboratory Fees

Laboratory fees cover the costs associated with running a laboratory course, including the purchase of laboratory supplies and consumables. Examples include cell culture media, buffers and other reagents, pipette tips, culture plates, pharmaceuticals (e.g., antibiotics), and sterile saline solutions, among other items.

Clerkship Fee

The clerkship fee is used to pay for experiential rotations in the P4 year. In addition, the fee funds the infrastructure of the experiential program, allowing UT to provide the largest number of experiences through our own faculty, medical center, clinics, and other outreach programs.

Seminar III Fee

The Seminar III fee provides support for the two annual programs that constitute the capstone experience for the course. The costs that occur in conjunction with those presentations are funded through the fee.

Last Updated: 10/21/20