The Writing Center



The Writing Center at the University of Toledo supports writers across the disciplines, including all students, staff, faculty, and alumni. During a session, peer tutors, teaching assistants, and professional tutors engage in conversation with writers, focusing on ideas, organization, development, argument, synthesis, and writers’ concerns. In serving as an audience, writing center staff fosters active learning, skill set growth, and writing confidence while simultaneously providing support during any stage of the writing process: idea generation, brainstorming, outlining, drafting, or revision.  Sessions seek to empower writers and decrease writing anxiety as well as equip writers with skills that nurture effective written communication, both within and beyond the Writing Center. 


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 Writing Center appointments are scheduled ONLINE--we are appointment based and are located in the basement of Carlson Library.
Click "Schedule an Appointment" to register for an account and to schedule your appointment!!
**If you are attempting to schedule for a 30 minute appointment slot, you must select that your paper is less than 3 pages for the scheduling system to accept your appointment! 




Last Updated: 4/24/17