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The Writing Center Tutors

Who are the Writing Center tutors?

Writing Center tutors are experienced, polished writers who are committed to helping other writers improve both writing skills and their written projects.

The Center employs peer tutors who are currently enrolled undergraduate students recommended by faculty for their superior writing abilities, graduate students often with teaching experience in writing, and staff who hold baccalaureate, master's, and doctoral degrees. 

All Writing Center tutors have a broad background in and commitment to writing excellence and a personal interaction style that respects the dignity of the writer. 

While all tutors have strong competence in writing tasks and skills, each individual has her or his “specialty” areas, so if you have a particular area of interest, check with the front desk to learn who might best meet that need. For example, some tutors are particularly trained in English as a Second Language (ESL); some have experience with business and technical writing; some are especially knowledgeable about MLA or APA citation style; and some are well schooled and talented in creative writing projects.

Tutors include: 

  • Professional Tutors
  • Graduate Student Tutors
  • Undergraduate Tutors
  • ESL Tutors

Presentations conducted by: Professional staff members 

Tutor Creed
We are passionate individuals supporting writers in the UT community by providing a patient, positive, and approachable atmosphere that encourages learners to reach their full potential.


 Lindsay Lindsay Body, Peer Tutor, Graduate Student

Area of study: MA in English as a Second Language

Teresa Teresa Northcraft, Peer Tutor, Undergraduate Student

Area of study: English

Chase Chase , Peer Tutor, Undergraduate Student

Area of study: English & Communication

Kristen Kristen Buchler, Peer Tutor, Undergraduate Student

Area of study: English

Areeba Areeba Shah, Peer Tutor, Undergraduate Student

Area of study: Communication

Last Updated: 1/15/19