Office of Assessment, Accreditation and Program Review

Assessment Awards

Service Unit: Office of Residence Life
Reason: This program has grasped assessment and revised outcomes so they are “written in measurable, quantifiable terms so success can be determined”.  The report was concise and succinct. 
  • Program Director: Virginia Speight
  • UAC Liaison: Andrew Sadouskas
  • Service Unit Leader: Kaye Patten
Academic Program: Education Specialist in School Psychology
Reason: This program recognized the import of assessment and the tie to quality improvement.  The program reviewed their measures and identified areas that needed work.  They also redefined their ratings which previously lacked solid definition.  They plan on continuing to refine the ratings for better measurement.
  • Program Director: Wendy Cochrane
  • UAC Liaison: Chris Roseman
  • Chair: John Laux
  • Dean: Tom Gutteridge

Assessment Award Sub-Committee
Marlene Porter, Chairperson
Ken Davis
Mingyang Liu
Laurie Mauro
Chris Roseman
Andrew Sadouskas

Last Updated: 6/27/22