Office of Assessment, Accreditation and Program Review

Assessment Awards

Service Unit: Instructional Design and Development
Reason:They clearly identified their Academic Support Activities, and aligned them with standards of design implementation for online courses, further, their assessment measures mapped back to the Academic support activities. Finally, their results were used to determine the necessary action to improve their services.
  • Program Director: Peter You
  • UAC Liaison: Sue Ann Hochberg
  • Service Unit Leader: Barb Kopp Miller
Academic Program: Bachelor of Arts in Art History
Reason: In addition to having clear and measurable student learning outcomes, they utilize a rubric to create data tables of student results linked directly to their SLOs. The report also illustrated how the program has exceeded its goals and the faculty continues to examine and develop pedagogical approaches to achieve continued success in teaching and learning.
  • Program Director: Mysoon Rizk
  • UAC Liaison: Holly Monsos
  • Chair: Barbara Miner
  • Dean: Debra Davis
General Education: Environmental Sciences
Reason: This department demonstrated a strong collaborative effort among faculty members, a commitment to the value of general education and helping students learn the tools necessary to be successful as learners throughout their academic careers. They provided clear student learning outcomes and specific goals to address if students were meeting their expectations.
  • Department Chair: Timothy Fisher
  • UAC Liaison: Brian Ashburner
  • Dean: Karen Bjorkman

Assessment Award Sub-Committee
Michelle Martinez
Aimee Mendelsohn
Nancy Staub

Last Updated: 1/22/24