Undergraduate International Admission

ALEKS PPL Student Registration Instructions

Before you begin, you will need a 10-character Class Code provided by your instructor and listed below. 
For assistance during this process, please contact ALEKS Customer Support at support.aleks.com.

Step 1

Go to www.aleks.com and select SIGN UP on the top menu. 

ALEKS website navigation. Sign Up is the third option following Support and Free Trial. Select Sign Up to continute.

Step 2

Enter the 10-character class code provided by your instructor and click Continue

Screenshot of ALEKS website. Using ALEKS with a Class. Register here if you are a student and need to use ALEKS with your class. To begin, enter the 10-charcter class code you received from your instructor. Class code input box with a Continue button.

Step 3

Verify your enrollment information. If it is incorrect, check your class code and click on
(modify) to make any corrections. If your information is correct, click on Continue.

ALEKS website screenshot. Confirm Class Information. Screen provided will include Class Code, Class, Subject, Class Dates and Institution. If information is correct, click Continue.

Step 4

Once you complete the steps for the placement test option, then the ALEKS system will ask you to create a student account to log back in if you need to retake the test or access your test score results. Select whether or not you have used ALEKS before and click on Continue.

If you have used ALEKS before, you will be prompted to enter your existing account information.
You can retrieve your account information by clicking on I forgot my login information.


Step 5

When it asks for a student ID#, just enter your date of birth (MMDDYYYY).

ALEKS website screenshot. Registration form. Includes Personal Information, Email Address and Student ID. Where it asks for Student ID, enter your date of birth.



You will email us a screen shot of your full score report which will include your name and scores at international@utoledo.edu
IMPORTANT: Be sure to save your new login information!

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