Department of Art

Center for Sculptural Studies

Students working on projects in the ceramics studio in the UToledo Center for Sculptural StudiesDesigned by world-renowned architect Frank Gehry, the University of Toledo Center for Sculptural Studies is a stand-alone facility serving all of the department’s 3D classes and areas of study, while also supporting parts of the 2D curriculum. Located at 535 Oakwood Avenue, Toledo, OH, the 7000-square-foot interior houses four main studio classrooms – Ceramics, Woodshop, Sculpture, and Foundry – all of which look out onto a lightly wooded green space and outdoor sculpture garden.

Our goal is to foster creative growth, built upon technical proficiency and tempered by the guidance of area experts and the constructive criticism of peers. Our multi-process approach to instruction engenders a collaborative, communal environment that both inspires the freedom of experimental research and the rigor of professional practice.

Our students learn the craft of 3D art-making through first-hand experience with a wide array of technical equipment. In all cases, our highest priority is the safety of our students; we therefore hold our students and ourselves to the highest standards of best practices and provide a complete range of personal safety equipment.

Students in woodworking area of CSS Woodshop
CNC Router
Band-, Scroll, Panel, and Compound Sliding Miter Saws
Disc and Belt Sanders
Trim and Cable Routers
Drill Press
Wood Lathes
welding area Foundry/Forging/Fabrication
Floor Drill Press and Post Vise
Horizontal/ Bandsaw (metal)
14” Cable Abrasive cut off saw
Wire Welders (MIG)
AC/BC TIG Welder
8” Bench Grinder
Oxy/Acetylene Cutting Welding Rigs
115V Wire Welder (Flux core)
27ft3 Burnout Kiln
175s. Anvil
69 Kilo Anvil
Self-Contained Pneumatic Power Hammer

mould making area

Sculpture/Mold Making

Kiln for Small Metal Casting

Centrifugal Casting

24”x36” Vacuum Former

Rotating Steel Sculpting Stands

Bench Drill Press

tool room

Power Hand Tools

Portable Bandsaw

7 ¼” Circular Saw

16 and 18 ga Brad Nailers (porter cable/air)

18 ga Staple/Nailer (porter cable/air)

Electric Stapler

Air DIC Grinders (straight and right angle)

Palm and Belt Sanders

D.A. Sander (air)

Air Hammer

Dremmel Tools

ceramics students working

Ceramic Shell Room (with local exhaust)

Glaze/Clay Mixing Room (with local exhaust hoods)

Glaze Spray Booth

Gas, Raku, Electric, and Electric Bisque Kilns

Kick and Electric Wheels

Clay Mixers

Clay Paste Printer

Last Updated: 1/11/24