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Graduate Student Research Activities

Geography and Planning students reviewing planning blueprintsStudents pursuing graduate degrees in geography and planning at The University of Toledo are actively engaged in exciting and important research. Below are our current graduate students and their research interests/activities. Further below is a list of past students' theses and dissertations.

Current Graduate Students - 2023

Master's Degree Students

Stephen Kwame Yankyera 
Previous Degree: B.Sc., University of Cape Coast (Ghana) - Geography and Regional Planning
Research Interest: GIS, Remote sensing, Spatial analysis, Environmental Geography and planning

Kingsley Kanjin
B.A., University of Cape Coast (Ghana) - Geography and Regional Planning
Research Areas: GIS, Remote Sensing, Urban Planning

Md Saiful Alam 
Previous Degree: B.U.R.P., Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (Bangladesh) - Urban and Regional Planning
Research Areas: Transportation planning, Transit accessibility and equity, GIS

Nusrat Jahan Tabassum
Previous Degree: B.U.R.P., Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (Bangladesh) - Urban and Regional Planning
Research Areas: Transportation planning, Transit accessibility and equity, GIS

Michelle Kreager 
Previous Degree: B.A., Western Michigan University – Hospitality and Tourism Management
Research Interest: GIS, remote sensing, urban planning

Safakat Siddika 
Previous Degree: B.U.R.P., Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (Bangladesh) - Urban and Regional Planning
Research Interest: Transportation Planning, GIS and Remote Sensing, Land Use Planning

Logan Dickson
Previous Degree: B.A., University of Toledo – Geography
Research Interest: Urban planning and Economic development

Mahbuba Ahsan
Previous Degree: B.U.R.P. - Khulna University of Engineering & Technology (Bangladesh) - Urban & Regional Planning
Research Interests: Transportation Planning, Spatial Statistical Analytics, Mobility, Cultural Geography

Ph.D. Students

Md Rifat Hossain 
Previous Degrees:
M.Sc., University of Dhaka (Bangladesh) - Disaster Management
B.U.R.P., Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (Bangladesh) – Urban and Regional Planning
Research Interest: GIS, Spatial Modeling, Disaster Management

Juthi Rani Mitra
Previous Degrees:
M.S., Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University (Bangladesh) - Environmental Science
B.Sc., Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University (Bangladesh) - Environmental Science and Resource Management
Research Interest: Air pollution, Agriculture

Abayomi ADESINA Abraham 
Previous Degrees:
M.Sc., Obafemi Awolowo University (Nigeria) - GIS and RS
B.Sc., Obafemi Awolowo University (Nigeria) - Geography
Research Interest: Medical/Health Geography, Socio-economic Geography, Urban Planning

Oluwaseun Akinwale Ibukun
Previous Degree:
M.A., Bowling Green State University- Financial Economics 
B.Sc., Obafemi Awolowo University (Nigeria) - Agricultural Economics
Research Interest: Agricultural Geography, Health Geography, GIS.

Rajesh Nagisetty
Previous Degree:
M.S., Medical College of Ohio - Epidemiology
M.S., University of Toledo - GIS Certificate 
B.A., University of Toledo - Geography
B.S., University of Toledo - Biology
Research Interest: spatial analysis of disease, transportation & health, & built environment and health

Olawale Oluwafemi
Previous Degree:
M.S., Obafemi Awolowo University (Nigeria) - GIS
M.S., Nigerian Defense University (Nigeria) - Geography
B.Sc, Obafemi Awolowo University (Nigeria) - Geography (Physical Geography)
Research Interest: GIS, Spatial Analysis, Medical Geography

Khaled Elfiatori Rahoma Aboganah
Previous Degree:
M.S., International Institute for Geo-information Science and Earth Observation (Netherlands) - Geo-information Science and Earth Observation
B.Sc., Engineering Academy Tajoura (Libya) - Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Research Interest: GIS, remote sensing, urban planning

Esther Akoto Amoako 
Previous Degree:
M.S., Western Michigan University - Geography 
B.A., Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (Ghana) - Culture & Tourism
Research Interest: GIS/Spatial Analysis, Crime Science, Food Systems

Yaw Y. Kwarteng 
Previous Degree:
M.C.R.P., Iowa State University - Community & Regional Planning
B.Sc., Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (Ghana)- Human Settlement Planning
Research Interest: Transportation Planning, GIS, Spatial Analysis

Pramila Paudyal
M.S., University of Akron- Geography and Planning
M.S., Tribhuvan University (Nepal) - Environmental Science
B.S., Tribhuvan University (Nepal) - Environmental Science
Research interest: Wildfire, Land use land cover change, Climate change

Fattah Hatami Maskouni
Previous Degree: 
M.S., University of Tehran (Iran) - Remote Sensing and GIS
B.S., Gorgan University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources (Iran) - Natural Resources engineering
Research interest: Environmental Change, Natural Hazards Minimization, Remote Sensing of Vegetation, Image Processing and Classification, Land use-Land Cover Change Detection, Mapping Forest Fire, Crime Spatial Analyss.

Tanzia Tasneem Ahmed
M.A., University of Toledo - Geography
M.S., University of Dhaka – Physical Geography and Environment
B.S., University of Dhaka – Physical Geography and Environment
Research Interest - Environmental Geography, Land Use Land Cover Change, Spatial Analysis

Md Ishfaq Ur Rahman
M.S., University of Dhaka – Physical Geography and Environment
B.S., University of Dhaka – Geography and Environment
Research Interest- Big Data Analysis

Fahmina Binte Ibrahim
B.S., University of Dhaka (Bangladesh) - Disaster Science and Management
M.S., University of Dhaka (Bangladesh) - Disaster Science and Management
Research Interest: Hazard and Risk Assessment.

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UToledo Geography and Planning student in cap and gownTHESES AND DISSERTATIONS

Listed by Date Admitted to Program

M.A. Geography Theses


Yang, Yihe
Disparities in Geographical Accessibility of Permanent COVID-19 Vaccination clinics in the State of Ohio

Amin, Faria
Spatial Pattern and Accessibility Analysis of Covid-19 Vaccine Centers in Michigan

Kostecky, Eric James
LiDAR Based Coastal Dune Elevation and Beach Change Assessment at Indiana Dunes National Park


Shioma, Shefa Arabia
Ride-sourcing and Ridesharing: Factors influencing users' adaptation and their trip characteristics analysis

Tokey, Ahmad
A Study of Travel Mode Choice Behavior of Women in the USA

Jabalameli, Shaghayegh
Spatial and Sentiment Analysis of Public Opinion toward Covid-19 Pandemic (A Study on Ohio and Michigan Twitter Data at the Early Stage of Vaccination)


Ahmed, Tanzia
Assessing the Sources of Microplastic Pollution in The Maumee Watershed: A Geospatial Approach

Ahsanullah, S. M.
Comparison of LULC Change of Cities Sharing International Boundaries Using GIS and Remote Sensing (City of Detroit, USA Vs. City of Windsor, Canada)

Khan, Solaiman
Influential Economic Sectors and Factors of Economic Growth in Bangladesh: A Non-spatial and Spatial Econometric Study


Sultana, Sharmin
Factors affecting parents' choice of active transport modes for children's commute to school : evidence from 2017 NHTS data


Oladimeji, Abolade
Measurement of spatial accessibility and disparities to pharmacies in Lucas County and Multnomah County

Chowdhury, Panini
Identifying the factors and locations of traffic crash severity of Dhaka metropolitan area, Bangladesh, 2007-2011


Akter, Taslima
Travel behavior of a mid-west college community : a case study of the University of Toledo

Deeter, Curtis
P3s, urban growth machines, and the Glass City

Kosmyna, Tim
An analysis of the relationship between vegetation and crime in Toledo, Ohio

Hossen, Shakhawat
Freight flow, pattern and variable magnitudes : ins and outs of Midwest

Jones, Travis
Measuring the impacts of stadium construction on parcel sales for downtown redevelopment in Toledo, Ohio


Curtis, Abby B.
Using GIS to explore spatial coverage of outdoor emergency warning sirens : comparing siren coverage to social vulnerability in Lucas County, Ohio

Johansen, Richard A.
An automated approach to agricultural tile drain detection and extraction utilizing high resolution aerial imagery and object-based image analysis

Chester, Winston C.
Examining the impacts of microfinance programs in Guatemala : a case study of loan borrowers in San Antonio Aguas Calientes


Panchenko, Evgeny
Sustainable planning of linear infrastructure corridor in remote areas


Kantharaj, Krithica
Evaluating coverage models for emergency services : a case study of emergency siren placement in Lucas County, OH

Lehnert, Matthew Ryan
Ghost hunting and a Moroccan forest : a geography of madness

Osterday, Elyse R.
Government policy and total fertility rates : an analysis of Germany in stage five of the demographic transition model

Panozzo, Kimberly
A validation of NASS crop data layer in the Maumee River Watershed

Reynolds, Elaine P.
An automated method of identifying the location of agricultural field drainage tiles in northwest Ohio

Zhang, Qiong
Analysis of transit travel demand change for bus-only mode in U.S. metropolitan statistical areas between 2000 and 2010 using two-stage least squares regression


Chohaney, Michael L
Secrets beneath the soil : a mixed methods necrogeographic investigation of Romany ("Gypsy") memorial sites

Li, Han
Modeling Gentrification on Census Tract Level in Chicago from 1990 to 2000

Mierzwiak, Sara
The development of the contaminant exceedance rating system (CERS) for comparing groundwater contaminant data

Moore, Michael
Denied : a 2006 and 2009 comparison of mortgage lending in the Toledo Metropolitan Statistical Area

Zhuo, Hong
GIS-based spatial accessibility analysis to high schools by transit in Toledo area in 2010


Cochran, Nancy E.
Detection of Urban Heat Islands in the Great Lakes Region with GLOBE Student Surface Temperature Measurements

Dindyal, Roger
The voice of urban planning : recent revitalization efforts in downtown Toledo

Ren, Jie
Mapping cyanobacterial blooms in the western basin of Lake Erie using MERIS

Rowand, Kelly
Spatial Patterns of Deer Roadkill in Lucas County, Ohio


Chen, Xueying
An analysis of the pattern of mortgage foreclosures in Lucas County, Ohio

Chung, Jaerin
A quantitative assessment of the HOPE VI program from 1993-1998

Eckert, Jeanette Elizabeth
Food systems, planning and quantifying access : how urban planning can strengthen Toledo's local food system

Kusek, Weronika
The possibility for spatially clustered developments of LGBT neighborhoods in Poznan, Poland

Li, Xuan
Planning for spatial analysis of links between Parkinson Disease and pesticide exposure

Porter, Brett
Providing a template for future commodity flow on the Great Lakes : the use of an origin-constrained spatial interaction model to estimate the flow of coal by waterborne vessel

Schafer, Sarah (part time)
A GIS connection between brownfield sites, transportation and infrastructure : an economic redevelopment tool for Toledo-Lucas County, Ohio

Thompson, James
Identifying subsurface tile drainage systems utilizing remote sensing techniques


Crites, Joshua
Personal reflections in Berlin's built environment : ideology and symbolism in the government district and Alexanderplatz

Danish, Farzana
Application of GIS in visualization and assessment of ambient air quality for SO2 in Lima Ohio

Davis, Angelyn
A local approach to growing Toledo : mixed-use urban homesteading as a supplemental solution to downtown economic revitalization

Jiang, Yitong
Identification of sewage sludge injection application on harvested agricultural fields using Landsat TM data

Meyer, Eric
Performing location allocation measures with a GIS for fire stations in Toledo, Ohio

Randall, Jessica
Estimation of crop residue in the Maumee River Watershed using imagery from Landsat thematic mapper

Strauss, Michael
Tropical Africa and generation Kalashnikov : the AK47's role in shaping an African identity

Stoll, Michael
Sludge, Politics, Media and America: The Perception of Waste


Chappell, Darian Edward
Prisons used as economic development in rural communities

Closson, Keith
Fifth-Third Field as a redevelopment node : a micro-area analysis of downtown Toledo, Ohio

Wilson, Grant Andrew
A cultural landscape study of the Riverview Mobile Home Park, Grand Rapids, Ohio

Dean, David B.
An Application of Geospatial Technology to Geographic Response Plans for Oil Spill Response Planning in the Western Basin of Lake Erie

Thebo, Paul K.
Municipal annexation : expectations and implications in South Carolina


Durham, Tara
Between Nada and Nietzsche : geographical dimensions of Hemingway's "Clean, Well-Lighted Place"

Hayase, Rumiko
The impact of tillage practices on land surface temperatures of croplands in Northeast Indiana, Southeast Indiana, Southeast Michigan, and Northwest Ohio

Kirsch, Nathaniel J.
Brother, can you spare a dime : revenue sharing and the Toledo metropolitan area

Kronovich, Blake
Impact of Wal-Mart on small communities

Lewandowski, Josh
Geographics of gentrification : residential preferences in rust belt cities : a case study of the Old West End historic neighborhood in Toledo, Ohio

Schafer, Guy
Identifying bio-diesel production facility locations for home heating fuel applications within the Midwest region of the United States

Swartz, Kathryn
The application of GIS in watershed planning : the case of the Western Lake Erie Basin


Dhar, Samir
Regional imbalances in air freight patterns from the United States to South America

Gerwin, Kari (Jan 04)
Relating watershed land cover to biotic integrity in the Lake Erie Direct tributaries, Northwest Ohio

Haney, Philip Jason
Water quality testing site location : a methodology for site selection

Jowett, Jeff Harrison
Identification of conservation tillage practices in Rock Creek Watershed, Seneca County, Ohio, utilizing Landsat 5 Thematic Mapper Imagery

Nikolov, Stanislav P.
Analysis of terrain and ground coverage features at snow avalanche initiation sites in southwestern Colorado

Rader Jennifer
An evaluation of the change in metal concentrations at an agricultural field land applied with Class B sewage sludge in Northwest Ohio


Adu-Brempong, Kofi
Socioeconomic modeling of structural fire incidence : a Poisson regression approach using count fire incidence data


Chapin, Ryan D.
Identifying the barriers to the land use principles of the Bozeman 2020 Community Plan

Torbick, Nathan M.
The utilization of remote sensing and geographic information system (GIS) for the development of a wetlands classification and inventory for the lower Maumee River Watershed, Lucas County, Ohio

Yao, Ling
Evaluating the effect of Minimum Noise Fraction transformation (MNF) in crop classification using multi-temporal landsat images

Zhang, Xiaozhong
Inter-regional migration and the economic spillover effects : the case of China

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SISS Ph.D. Dissertations


Jones, Brittany D
Empowerment through consumption: land ownership, land banks, and Black food geographies
(Chair: Dr. Neil Reid, Readers: Dr. Sujata Shetty, Dr. Beth Schlemper, Dr. Daniel Hammel, Jeanette Eckert)


Bothalage Done, Jayani Pathmakumari
The Influence of Social Environment, Physical Environment and Health Behaviors on Lung Cancer Mortality in Kentucky
(Chair: Dr. Kevin Czajkowski, Readers: Dr. April Ames; Zhang)


Athreya, Brinda K.
Spatially assessing the perceptions and motivations of farmers implementing Best Management Practices (BMPs) in the Western Lake Erie Basin
(Chair: Dr. Kevin Czajkowski, Readers: Dr. Patrick Lawrence, Dr. Beth Schlemper, Dr, Daryl F. Dwyer; Saavika)

Yamoah, Owusua
Inter-county migration in the United States before, during and after the Great Recession: exploring county migration patterns between 2001 and 2010
(Chair: Dr. Beth Schlemper, Readers: Dr. Daniel Hammel, Dr. Sujata Shetty, Dr. Yanqing Xu, Dr. Neil Reid)


Kofi-Opata, Edwina
Alternative energy and the developmental state in Ghana
(Chair: Dr. Patrick Lawrence, Readers: Dr. Kevin Czajkowski, Dr. Peter Lindquist, Dr. Daryl F. Dwyer, Kilbert)

Lehnert, Matthew
Spatial Data Science: Theory and Methods with Applications to Human Development in Morocco
(Chair: Dr. Oleg Smirnov, Readers: Dr. Neil Reid, Dr. Sujata Shetty, Dr. David J. Nemeth, Dr. Jack Kalpakian)


Chohaney, Michael L.
Spatial dynamics : theory and methods with application to the U.S. economy
(Chair: Dr. Oleg Smirnov, Readers: Dr. Olugbenga Ajilore, Dr. Peter Lindquist, Dr. David J. Nemeth, Dr. Neil Reid)


Gallagher, Karen
Bridging the Gap Between Science and Practice: Examining if Conceptual Models can be Effective as Tools to Guide the Planning and Valuation of Multi-Use Urban Trails
(Chair: Dr. Patrick Lawrence, Readers: Dr. Kevin Czajkowski, Dr. Bhuiyan Alam; Schetter; Dr. Kevin Egan)

Nilsson, Isabelle
The influence of competition on retail firm location : theory and measurement
(Chair: Dr. Oleg Smirnov, Readers: Dr. Peter Lindquist, Dr. Neil Reid, Dr. Kristen Keith; W'arell)


Dhar, Samir K.
Addressing challenges with big data for maritime navigation : AIS data within the Great Lakes system
(Chair: Dr. Peter Lindquist, Readers: Dr. Kevin Czajkowski, Dr. Neil Reid, Dr. Mark Vonderembse, Dr. Richard Stewart 

Eloff, Jeffrey J.
Evaluating efficiency of transportation infrastructure : effects and implications for the spatial economy
(Chair: Dr. Oleg Smirnov, Readers: Dr. Peter Lindquist, Dr. David J. Nemeth, Dr. David Black, Dr. Mark Vonderemse)

Pepe, Linda R.
Optimally locating Level 1 trauma centers and aeromedical depots for rural regions of the state of Ohio
(Chair: Dr. Peter Lindquist, Readers: Dr. Neil Reid, Dr. Patricia Case, Dr. Sunday Ubokudom, Dr. Daniel Hammel)

Wang, Qifeng
Evaluating the performance of the freight transportation system of the Great Lakes Region: an intermodal approach to routing and forecasting
(Chair: Dr. Peter Lindquist, Readers: Dr. Daniel Hammel, Dr. Neil Reid; Cho; Zhang)


Ames, April
Application of geographic information systems to investigate the association of health symptoms near biosolid applied fields 
(Chair: Dr. Kevin Czajkowski, Readers: Dr. Peter Lindquist, Dr. Patrick Lawrence, Dr. Sheryl Milz, Dr. Sadik A. Khuder)

Li, Xi
Use of LiDAR in object-based classification to characterize brownfields for green space conversion in Toledo
(Chair: Dr. Kevin Czajkowski, Readers: Clapham - Cleveland State, Dr. Daniel Hammel, Dr. Sujata Shetty, Zheng - Louisville)

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