Philosophy and Religious Studies Program

Introduction to Christian Thought (REL 2410)

Course Description

This course will introduce students to the basic creedal commitments of Christianity, considering such concepts as creation and cosmology, notions of God, the place of Jesus Christ, sin, redemption, the church, the life of grace and eschatology. Christianity will be studied as a belief system that developed only gradually through history and which has been expressed within a number of different theological  and doctrinal frameworks.

Course Objectives

  • To offer students a broad familiarity with Christian creedal commitments.
  • To help students grasp the rich intellectual diversity within Christianity regarding fundamental theological concepts.
  • To provide students with a rudimentary grasp of key terms, concepts, historical events and persons sufficient to allow for a more in depth exploration of the Christian intellectual and theological tradition. 
Last Updated: 7/7/23