Philosophy and Religious Studies Program

About Christian Studies

Within our broader offering of courses in Religious Studies, we have a number of courses that focus on the study of Christianity from multiple perspectives.  Our courses are both historical and ecumenical in their scope. In other words, you will study Christianity not confessionally (advocating for the inherent truth of Christianity) but historically as a coherent and influential world religion. Christianity will also be studied ecumenically insofar as our courses generally attend to the many distinctive religious traditions (e.g., Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, Anglicanism, Protestantism) that fall under the umbrella of Christianity. We do have some courses that attend, however, to the unique contributions or distinctive dynamisms of one particular Christian tradition.  If you wish to pursue a major in Religious Studies, you have the option of developing a concentration in Christian Studies, which would include twelve hours of credit, six of which must be at the 4000 level.

Christian Studies Courses

REL 2330 Intro. To New Testament
REL 2350 Authority and the Bible
REL 2380 Topics in Catholic Thought
REL 2410 Intro. To Christian Belief
REL 2610 American Religious History up to 1865
American Religious History after 1865
REL 3420 Christian Ethical Perspectives
REL 3610 Reformation
REL 3670 Christian Ritual and Worship
REL 3980 Special Topics (topics change each semester)
Christianity and Feminism
The Papacy
Marriage and Family
Church and Culture
Catholicism and Film
Jesus and Film
REL 4900 Seminar in Religious Studies (topics change each semester)
Suffering and Evil
Science and Religion
Christianity in Postmodern Culture

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Last Updated: 7/7/23