Political Science and Public Administration

B.A. in Political Science with a Specialization in Legal Studies

The Department of Political Science and Public Administration at The University of Toledo offers a major in political science with a Specialization in Legal Studies. This program is designed to allow students to focus their studies on law, legal processes, and legal institutions for careers in the legal profession, for leadership in public affairs, as well as for an interesting major. And, of course, this solid liberal arts specialization provides excellent preparation for law school and a subsequent career as a lawyer or judge.

The specialization requires the completion of 34 hours in political science, as well as the related course work and other requirements that are normal in the College of Arts and Sciences.

The foundation for this specialization is a B.A. in Political Science, within which the student must have included the following three courses:

PSC 1200 American National Government 3
PSC 2300  Principles of State and Local Government 3
PSC 3500  PS Principles of Law 3

In addition to this 9-credit core, students must take at least four courses from the department's specialized law and legal studies course offerings:

PSC 3510 Constitutional Law I 3
PSC 3520 Constitutional Law II 3
PSC 4530 Civil Rights 3
PSC 4550 Issues in Contemporary Law 3
PSC 4560 Law & Public Administration 3
PSC 4570 Judicial Process & Jurisprudence 3
PSC 4580 International Law 3

Nine of the remaining 13 hours required for a degree in political science must be earned by completing one course from within three of the four "gateway" fields of the discipline:

Public Administration
PSC 3420 Principles of Public Administration 3
International Relations
PSC 2700 Principles of International Relations 3
Comparative Government
PSC 2610 Government of Great Britain 3
PSC 2620 Comparative Politics of Continental Europe 3
PSC 2660 Politics in Africa 3
PSC 2680 Governments of Asia 3
Political Theory
PSC 2800 Principles of Political Theory 3

While only one additional elective within political science is required for the Legal Studies specialization, students may elect to complete additional classes in the discipline.

Students in the Legal Studies specialization must also complete the College of Arts and Sciences related course requirements. This consists of 18 hours of upper level (2000 and above) courses in fields related to legal studies (for example, Law and Society, Criminology, Psychology and the Law, Philosophy of Law, Business Law, etc.) selected in consultation with an adviser.

Last Updated: 7/15/24