Department of Psychology

UToledo Psychology Research Programs

Research is an integral component of both our undergraduate and graduate programs in psychology. The department is home to numerous basic, applied, and translational research laboratories focused on contributing to the advancement of knowledge, alleviation of human suffering, and promotion of health.

Although faculty research interests are diverse, spanning childhood, adolescence, and adulthood, and ranging from basic emotional, cognitive, social, and learning processes to psychopathology and resilience, the following reflect areas of expertise shared by multiple faculty in both the clinical and experimental doctoral programs:

  • Health and health risk behaviors
  • Social media and cyberpsychology
  • Self- and emotion-regulation
  • Decision-making

Further information on the research being conducted in the department and all of our faculty-led research laboratories can be found by clicking on research links in the menu tab under Clinical Labs or Experimental Labs or at the links below. You can also find information visiting our faculty page and their individual faculty pages, which list their backgrounds, interests and research projects in greater detail.

Clinical Labs

Experimental Labs

In addition to these faculty-led research labs, the UToledo Department of Psychology also offers a state-of-the-art departmental psychophysiological research laboratory for use by students. Funded by the college and department and continuously expanded, this shared laboratory features advanced equipment for monitoring physiological responses in and outside of the laboratory, including a stationary Biopac MP36R unit, a wireless BioNomadix MP150 unit, a wearable BioRadio unit for ambulatory assessment of physiological responses in daily life, multiple ambulatory heart-rate sensors and fitness trackers, and a new virtual reality system. These resources are available to all students in the department.

Last Updated: 11/23/22