Department of Women's and Gender Studies

About Women's and Gender Studies

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Women's and Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary field of study focused on the contributions, experiences, history, and issues of women, both nationally and internationally. The discipline also examines the significance and consequences of gender as a cultural category that shapes the experiences and knowledge of individuals and communities. Women's and Gender Studies is grounded in feminist and gender theories that re-conceptualize and re-contextualize ideas and experiences as well as knowledge and knowledge production.

This field of study allows for in-depth exploration of the sociocultural, economic, and political implications of gender, race, class, ability, sexuality, and power relations - past, present, and cross-culturally. 

Majors are exposed to methodologies and practices that originate from various disciplines and integrate this knowledge into a cohesive yet multifaceted nontraditional program of study. Students work with an adviser to shape the curriculum to suit individual research interests and career goals. 

Students who minor in WGST come from disciplines and colleges across the UT campus. Students use our minor to enhance and inform their major areas of study. 

Graduates find rewarding professional positions in many fields. Women's and Gender Studies fully prepares undergraduate students for graduate and professional schools. 

 WGST B.A. Degree      WGST Graduate Certificate Degree

Last Updated: 4/24/24