Department of Women's and Gender Studies

Why Get A Degree in WGST?

Graduates from UT's Department of Women's and Gender Studies are currently enrolled in professional study and research at major universities in the area of film, business, law, education, literary studies, medical ethics, medicine, psychology, library science, and international studies. They also manage and own businesses, teach, write, do broadcasting and filmmaking, and work as counselors and consultants. Our students have gained real world experience by working together with faculty to organize colloquia, seminars, performances, research projects, internships, externships, and more.

  • National Eating Disorder Awareness Week
    Harvard Affiliated

  • Women in the Director's Chair
    Touring International Film Festival

  • Eating Disorders Research Project
    Published in Psychology Today

  • Eating Disorders in a Disordered Culture
    Public Art Campaign Featuring the Art of Robin Lasser and Kathryn Sylva

  • National Undergraduate Research Conference

  • International Environmental Women's Studies: Making the Connections
    US Dept. of Education Grant

Last Updated: 6/21/22